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Bite Me - Jaci Burton Originally posted on Wild on Books: http://www.wildonbooks.com/reviews/2009/kimberly/jaci_burton_bite_me.htm

At a fan convention for the hit vampire soap opera, Bite Me, Gina Capelli’s dreams come true. The voluptuous legal secretary is given the chance to attend an exclusive black-tie ball that will be attended by the stars of her favorite show. For Gina, this is not only a chance to meet the man of her fantasies, Bite Me star Deacon Black, but also the perfect opportunity to rid herself of her very much unwanted virginity. At the ball, Gina decides the first man who approaches her will be “the one” to solve her little problem. But when “the one” turns out to be Deacon Black himself, Gina finds out that in the world of television, appearances aren’t always deceiving. Deacon doesn’t just play a vampire, he is one. And for both of them, the night just got a lot more complicated…

What would happen if you found out your deepest fantasy could be your reality? The sexy actor of your dreams not only falls for you, but turns out to be more like the character you’ve desired than you ever could imagine? It’s a common daydream, I think, for many people, and Jaci Burton takes this dream and brings it to life in BITE ME.

I loved following Gina’s Cinderella-like journey, from being the everywoman fan to being the object of desire for the tale’s dark prince, Deacon. It’s impossible not to cheer for her, as Gina is the kind of heroine you want to put yourself in place of. As for Deacon, he’s interesting in that “prince charming” is not perfect. His secrets, which I cannot give away without spoiling the book, give BITE ME an edge. The road to happily ever after for Gina and Deacon is littered with obstacles, and I went eagerly along for the ride, curious to see how the two would manage to find their happy ending.

The only downside to BITE ME is that I never truly connected with either Gina or Deacon. I liked them quite a bit and was entertained watching their story unfold, but never felt tied to the characters in a way that would fully pull me into the book. Still, I enjoyed BITE ME quite a bit. Ms. Burton takes a delicious fantasy and puts her own unique spin on it to deliver a wonderfully erotic tale packed with passion, tenderness, and romance.