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Turning Point (Tarot Café)

Turning Point - Lynn LaFleur, Randi Monroe My review originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/turning-point

At age nineteen, Rico Zanini was convicted of a heinous crime he never committed. After ten years in prison, Rico has finally been exonerated thanks to The Innocence Project, but even that can’t wipe away the past…or his need for vengeance against the one juror who could have set him free.

Mary Beth Hunter has forever been haunted by the decision she made as an eighteen-year-old that sent an innocent man to prison. Now a successful attorney, M.B. can’t be more surprised when Rico himself turns up on her doorstep. Passion and anger collide, but when love enters the mix, M.B. and Rico find themselves at a turning point. Either they can let the demons of their past destroy their newfound relationship, or they can move forward towards the future they could have together.

Desire, pain, love, and revenge all mix together in the tension-filled first installment to the Tarot Café series. I enjoyed Turning Point, but there was something about the romance that I can’t quite put my finger on that made it feel un-organic to the plot. I liked Rico and M.B., and there’s no doubt about it that they could heat up the page together, but the feeling that their love for one another came out of nowhere pulled me out of the story at times. Still, with a likeable cast of secondary characters and Lynn LaFleur and Randi Monroe working in tarot readings to the story, I’ll definitely be giving another Tarot Café book a try.