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Kissing Sherlock Holmes - T.D. McKinney, Terry Wylis Originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/kissing-sherlock-holmes

When Doctor John Watson arrives in Toddington Oaks, he isn’t shocked to find that his closest friend, Sherlock Holmes, is on a case. Watson is, however, startled to learn that Holmes is planning to marry. Yet Holmes’s impending nuptials have nothing on the famous detective’s biggest surprise: the revelation that his feelings for Watson are far more intimate than he’s ever let on. Watson himself has hidden his desire for Holmes, so discovering that his feelings are returned make him want to leave the countryside and return to Baker Street immediately so that the two of them may explore the boundaries of their altered relationship in privacy. Sadly, neither Holmes nor Watson can ignore the case of the spy in Toddington Oaks. But as the pair hunt the traitor in their midst their newfound relationship may be cut short – for someone is out to kill Watson.

One of literature’s most famous friendships is taken to the next level in Kissing Sherlock Holmes. T. D. McKinney and Terry Wylis capture the tone and feel of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s beloved characters, which was a true delight for me. The story of Watson and Holmes going from friends to lovers was what initially attracted me to Kissing Sherlock Holmes. But although the Holmes-Watson love story is what captured my interest, it was the intrigue of the spy storyline that truly made Kissing Sherlock Holmes exciting. Though the book’s villain was glaringly obvious (to me), I nevertheless enjoyed the mounting sense of danger Mses. McKinney and Wylis’ brought to the page as Watson and Holmes searched for clues as to the spy’s identity. Kissing Sherlock Holmes starts off at a leisurely pace, but with the help of the non-romantic plotline, it picks up steam as it goes along, ending with a most satisfying conclusion. All in all, Kissing Sherlock Holmes was an entertaining read and I still smile to think of how they managed to romantically entangle the infamous Sherlock Holmes and his esteemed partner, Doctor Watson.