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Princess Charming - Nicole Jordan Originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/princess-charming-by-nicole-jordan

Maura Collyer doesn’t think of herself as Cinderella, but she definitely has a wicked stepmother – one that sold her prized horse to a villainous viscount. Determined to get her horse back one way or another, Maura steals into the viscount’s stables and takes what’s rightfully hers. The only thing she didn’t count on was her best friend’s brother catching her in the act…and tagging along as she flees London.

Ashton Wilde, Marquis of Beaufort, is no Prince Charming. His sister – a would-be fairy godmother – doesn’t agree, however, and insists that he play hero to her best friend’s damsel in distress. Unwilling to see Maura ruined by the machinations of her stepmother and the viscount, Ash goes along with his sister’s plan. But as he accompanies Maura on her mission, Ash finds that he cannot resist the headstrong beauty. And it’s not long before the temptation to seduce Maura is too much for him to resist.

Will this unlikely Cinderella and Prince Charming get a fairytale ending of their own?

Nicole Jordan’s Legendary Lovers series starts off on a high note in the sparkling, enchanting Princess Charming. I absolutely adore Princess Charming. Maura and Ash are likeable, endearing protagonists and it’s easy to become invested in their story. Maura isn’t your average Regency lady; she’d much rather be running her stables than dancing until dawn. Ash, in turn, is a deliciously sexy hero and it was wonderful to watch his attraction to Maura slide from lust to love.

Ash’s siblings and cousins are fantastic secondary characters that add life to Princess Charming. Katharine, Ash’s sister, is the one who sets up the premise for the series: each member of the Wilde family will find true love by using the model of a famous pair of legendary lovers from fairytales, famous literature, or mythology. In Ash’s case, it’s Cinderella, but I can’t wait to see what Ms. Jordan does to put a spin on Romeo and Juliet for Jack, Pygmalion for Quinn, and The Taming of the Shrew for Katharine. I also would dearly love to know what Ms. Jordan has in store for my favorite Wilde cousin, Skye. One of the best parts of Princess Charming was seeing the closeness of the Wilde family and I can’t wait to revisit them in the next Legendary Lovers book.

Overall, Princess Charming is a fast and fun Regency romance, and the elements of Cinderella Ms. Jordan incorporated into the tale add extra charm. If Princess Charming is anything to go by, the rest of the Wilde cousins will have delightfully entertaining romances. I finished Princess Charming wanting nothing more to dive into Ms. Jordan’s next Legendary Lovers tale – bring on Jack’s book!