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Playing Pirates

Playing Pirates - Mimi Riser My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/Oct09/playingpirates.MR.html

With her husband, Rico, becoming a workaholic, Annie decides a weekend at the Jolly Roger Inn is exactly what the pair needs. Not one to believe in ghosts, Annie dismisses the rumors that their room at the inn is haunted by “Naughty Nate” Hawkins, the ghost of a bisexual pirate. She’s much more interested in playing pirates with her handsome husband. Little does Annie know that the tales of “Naughty Nate” are true.

Captain Nathaniel Hawkins has been haunting the same room for over two hundred years and he can’t help but be aroused by Rico and Annie’s play. There’s something about the two that remind him of the two lost loves of his life. Using his ghostly powers to conjure up a dreamscape in which to play with the couple, Nate finds that his scheme to “play pirates” with Rico and Annie may have a greater impact than he ever could have imagined.

Set sail on a lusty adventure with Playing Pirates. Mimi Riser has written a devilishly entertaining tale of love both old and new. I hesitate to say too much about the story’s plot or characters for fear of revealing spoilers. I can say, however, that Ms. Riser has created three interesting characters that I liked immensely and want to learn more about. Though Playing Pirates is a deliciously erotic read, it does feel like the first leg of an intriguing journey. I enjoyed Playing Pirates, and am greatly looking forward to reading its sequel, Pirates Do It With Passion.