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A Most Dangerous Profession - Karen Hawkins Blue Ribbon Rating: 5 out of 5
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Moira MacAllister has been a spy, a thief and a con artist, but never before has a job been so important. An enemy has kidnapped her daughter, and to get the child back, Moira has to steal an ancient onyx box. But someone besides her unwanted employer is also looking for the box…a man Moira fears she cannot outwit; her husband.

Robert Hurst has never forgiven Moira for tricking him into marriage. Unfortunately, he also has never been able to get Moira out of his mind. While searching for an onyx box that holds the secret to finding a family heirloom, Robert’s path crosses with Moira’s once again. This time, however, Robert is not about to let his wayward wife go. She’s hiding something from him – something important. But will Moira’s secret be the thing that brings them together? Or will it be the final straw that breaks their marriage apart?

I have a new favorite Karen Hawkins book; A MOST DANGEROUS PROFESSION! There’s an energy in A MOST DANGEROUS PROFESSION that buoys the book along at lightning speed. The sources of that energy are Moira and Robert. I love nothing more than a great thief meeting her match, and Moira definitely meets her match in her husband. Individually, both Moira and Robert are lively, endearing characters. As a pair, they have a reckless, wild passion that, when paired with their intelligence and kind hearts, make them impossible to resist.

Ms. Hawkins delivers one heck of a ride in A MOST DANGEROUS PROFESSION, and I did not want to put Moira and Robert’s book down. In the engaging HURST AMULET series, this book stands out. And given the teasing glimpses Ms. Hawkins has given regarding Michael Hurst and his heroine, I am excited as all get out to read the next HURST AMULET tale!

Note: My review was written for Romance Junkies and is cross-posted here courtesy of Romance Junkies.