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Best Man, Worst Man - Stacy Gail Blue Ribbon Rating: 3 out of 5
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Wedding planner Claire Pomeroy thought she’d seen it all. Then she met her clients’ best man, Ryder Price. Ryder is determined to convince the groom, Matt, to call off the wedding. Not because he thinks that Matt and his bride, Rachel, should split, but because he doesn’t believe in marriage. Ryder claims he’s only watching out for his best friend, but Claire can tell there’s more to the story than that. As she tries to prove to this “worst man” that marriage doesn’t have to end in disaster, Claire finds herself falling for the one man who stands against what she believes in.

I’m a sucker for a wedding-themed story, so it was with great excitement that I started BEST MAN, WORST MAN. I adored Claire and watching her handle the craziness involved with wedding planning was a lot of fun. Ryder, in turn, required a lot of patience. Claire, Matt and Rachel have their work cut out for them when it comes to convincing Ryder that Matt and Rachel’s wedding should go forth. I didn’t envy them that job, but I had faith they’d help Ryder overcome his bias. Author Stacy Gail does a really good job making sure Ryder wasn’t unlikeable, so it was fun watching him fall for Claire. BEST MAN, WORST MAN may start out as a bride’s nightmare, but it ends as a satisfying romance reader’s dream.

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