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Kiss & Hell - Dakota Cassidy My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/Oct09/kissandhell.dc.html

For medium Delaney Markham, ghosts popping in an out are an everyday occurrence. But when a very gorgeous, very naked ghost interrupts a séance Delaney’s conducting and refuses to leave, it’s just the start of Delaney’s troubles.

Clyde Atwell isn’t a ghost – he’s a demon sent from Hell with orders to bring Delaney back with him. But Clyde isn’t your average demon. He has no idea why he ended up in Hell when he died, nor does he really want to fulfill his mission. He needs Delaney’s help figuring out what went wrong with his death, but the beautiful medium isn’t exactly willing to believe everything a demon tells her. Too bad for her that Clyde seems to be mysteriously bound to her side.

With the Devil at their heels, another demon at their side, and a whole lotta sexual tension building between Delaney and Clyde, it’s up to the pair to find their way out of trouble before things get hot…in a bad way.

Ghosts, demons, and oddball dogs have never been so fun as in this fresh, fast-paced tale from Dakota Cassidy. Kiss & Hell is a charming, gripping tale that kept me reading late into the night, unable to put the book down.

Delaney is a heroine you have to adore. She takes what life throws at her and makes the best of it, and with ghosts that only she can see constantly appearing, it’s clear that life throws a lot at her. Nevertheless, she’s got a generous heart and that makes her instantly likeable. As for Clyde…wow. Ms. Cassidy sure knows how to combine intelligence and sexiness in a way that packs a surprising erotic punch in this character. Like Delaney, I never expected Clyde to be such an utterly delicious hero, and I was thrilled to be mistaken. Separately and together, these two were dynamic, making Kiss & Hell irresistible.

I finished Kiss & Hell with a smile on my face, fully satisfied with this delightful tale and eager for more, especially more of that sexy surfer archangel Uriel. It’s my not-so-secret hope that Ms. Cassidy pens a tale for Delaney’s brother, Kellen, and the female I suspect/hope is his heroine. For now, however, I’m content to sit back and enjoy another read of the absolutely wonderful Kiss & Hell.