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My Way to Hell - Dakota Cassidy My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/my-way-to-hell-by-dakota-cassidy

To all the world, demon Marcella Acosta was a vain, snarky shopping addict with all the depth of a piece of paper. Until she sacrificed herself to save her best friend Delany Markham, defying Lucifer and finding herself banished as a ghost to Plane Drab in the process. As if her seriously heinous ghostly wardrobe weren’t bad enough, the only way Marcella can get back to the earthly plane is through the one medium who can summon her. Too bad he hates her guts…

Kellen Markham had always fought his attraction to his sister’s best friend, believing all demons to be evil, plain and simple. But after Marcella saving Delaney, not to mention her subsequent disappearance, Kellen has to reevaluate, not such an easy task since he’s also recently inherited his sister’s psychic abilities and ghosts are hounding him right and left. When Kellen finds a box of Marcella’s stuff, he accidentally summons her to him. And now that he’s found her, Kellen’s not about to let Marcella go. Can he convince Marcella to give him a shot? Kellen may not find out, if an evil force has his way…

My Way to Hell is a sassy return to the world of Dakota Cassidy’s Hell series. While it’s a bit slow at the start, when My Way to Hell gets rolling it is sure to sweep you off for one heck of a ride. Kellen is an oh-so-sexy hero who knows enough to admit it when he’s wrong and once he becomes determined to win over Marcella…Grab. A. Fan. Marcella’s lost a bit of her spirit from the first Hell book, Kiss & Hell, but given all she’s gone through and the things she faces in My Way to Hell (and no, I wouldn’t dream of spoiling the book by giving away what), I’d be surprised if she weren’t a bit more subdued. I liked both Kellen and Marcella, and the plot of My Way to Hell kept me entertained, yet I couldn’t help but to compare the energy of this book to Kiss & Hell and found My Way to Hell lacked that indefinable spark of life its predecessor possessed.

I supremely enjoy Ms. Cassidy’s Hell series and am definitely hoping there are more books to come. For those who have not yet read Kiss & Hell, My Way to Hell can be read as a standalone, but be warned you’ll find many spoilers for the first book in it. All in all I enjoyed My Way to Hell. It’s got Ms. Cassidy’s trademark spunky dialogue, a cast of loveable characters (oh yes, my heart did flutter to see a return of that surfer boy archangel Uriel), and a very intriguing ending. Demons have never been as fun as they are in the hands of Dakota Cassidy!