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Shut Up and Kiss Me - Christie Craig My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/May10/shutupandkissme.cc.html

It’s photojournalist Shala Winters’s job to make the small town of Precious, Texas look appealing to tourists. Too bad her camera has been confiscated by the stubborn, infuriating, all-too-tempting chief of police, Sky Gomez. The sexy lawman refuses to hand over the Nikon, especially when it becomes clear someone’s after whatever pictures Shala has stored on her camera.

A series of break-ins turn into attacks that lead to murder and Sky isn’t about to let Shala out of his sight until the killer is caught. Danger’s almost as powerful an aphrodisiac as love, but is there a future for a small-town cop and a motor-mouthed photojournalist? Maybe there is…. if Sky can get Shala to shut up and kiss him.

Nobody can mix romance, action, and humor quite like Christie Craig. Shut Up and Kiss Me is the latest gem from this wonderfully talented author and, like all of Ms. Craig’s books, it shines. Both Shala and Sky are hard-working, generous souls with a lot of love to give. It was so much fun to watch them butt heads in the beginning, but it was even more of a pleasure to see them fall in love.

A cast of endearing secondary characters add another layer of charm to Shut Up and Kiss Me. I confess, I adored Sky’s family and friends every bit as much as I did him and I sincerely hope Ms. Craig has a book planned for Sky’s sexy, Scrabble-loving friend Lucas. All in all, I adored Shut Up and Kiss Me. There’s a comfort in curling up with a book that you know will make you laugh, smile, and sigh and I plan on enjoying that bit of comfort with Shut Up and Kiss Me many times over.