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Beautiful Obsession - Juniper Bell Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Clare, Luc and Rob have been best friends since childhood – and something more, once they were of age. They’re practically inseparable, even now that they’re in college. But lately there’s been a shift in each of them and Clare finds herself wanting more. And “more” comes in the form of Resident Advisor Jack Cartwright.

Jack is completely and utterly focused on finishing his graduate thesis. Or so he tells himself. He’s relegated his wild sexual side to the past and he will NOT be tempted by the three gorgeous, erotic students whose suite is next to his. Then Jack accidentally catches the threesome in bed and soon he finds himself obsessed with the idea of taking the trio up on what they’re offering him. And once Clare opens up to him, Jack can no longer resist temptation...

BEAUTIFUL OBSESSION is one wildly erotic read! The sensual heat between Jack, Clare, Luc and Rob is matched only by the emotional warmth in BEAUTIFUL OBSESSION. Author Juniper Bell does an incredible job of bringing all four characters to life, and the friendship between Clare, Luc and Rob is just as important to BEAUTIFUL OBSESSION as the burgeoning relationship between Clare and Jack. I loved that Ms. Bell devoted as much to the trio’s “unconventional” friendship as she did to the romance. Without that solid foundation, BEAUTIFUL OBSESSION would simply have been erotica rather than an all-around satisfying story.

In BEAUTIFUL OBSESSION, Ms. Bell gives readers endearing characters, red-hot erotic scenes and traces of BDSM. I hope Ms. Bell writes stories for Luc and Rob, but even if she doesn’t, BEAUTIFUL OBESSION is a fantastic standalone novella. BEAUTIFUL OBSESSION is the first book of Ms. Bell’s that I’ve read and – given her talent for blending extreme heat with heart – I can definitely say that it won’t be the last!

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