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Forget Me Not - Adrianna Dane My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/Jul09/forgetmenot.AD.html

As a teenager, Ian Melville and his family would come to Raven’s Cove. During those summers, Ian befriended Cooper Lynch, a reclusive teen said to be descended from a cursed line. When tragedy struck, the two friends became lovers before Ian was forced to leave Raven’s Cove. Now, eighteen years later, both men have grown up, had children, and experienced failed marriages. Yet, neither time nor distance could make them forget one another. Now Ian has returned to Raven’s Cove and neither man can ignore their long-denied feelings. But Cooper’s tied to Raven’s Cove and fears that his future, like those of his ancestors, is bleak. Will Ian be able to convince the man he loves that their bond is stronger than any curse? Or will fate tear the lovers apart for a second time?

True love never fades and Adrianna Dane brings all the heartache and hope involved in that to life in Forget Me Not. It’s a beautiful, sensual tale of love lost and found that captured my attention from the first page to the very last.

Ms. Dane knows how to create irresistible heroes, and Cooper and Ian are no exception. But in addition to sighing over each man’s innate sensuality, I fell in love with Forget Me Not because of how the characters so quickly tugged at my heartstrings. Despite their love for their children, there is something achingly lonely about both Ian and Cooper. I could not stop reading the story for anything because I was so eager to see Cooper and Ian find the happiness they deserved with one another.

If I could wish for one thing in this book, it would be a more definitive answer regarding the outcome of Cooper’s “curse.” It’s my not-so-secret hope that Ms. Dane writes a story (or stories) for Shepherd and Gayle, Cooper’s son and Ian’s daughter, so that I might get to revisit these endearing characters once again. For now, I must content myself to get swept away in Forget Me Not once again.