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Dreaming in Color - Cameron Dane My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/Jan10/dreamingincolor.CD.html

Is it possible for a house to possess a heart and soul? One strong enough to bring two men together? For two years, Colin Baxter has dreamed of a beautiful house and the man who lives in it. Colin knows the faceless stranger whose troubled soul calls out to him is his destiny, but he has no idea where to find him. Fate lends a hand when Colin travels to Fiji for his best friend’s wedding. On a tour of the islands Colin spots the house of his dreams…but neither the house nor its owner are what he expected.

His house in Fiji has given Marek Donovan the solitude he’s wished for ever since the death of the man he loved. Wracked with guilt over his past, the last thing Marek wants is a man showing up on his doorstep; especially if it’s Colin Baxter. Marek may believe Colin’s crazy story about dreaming of him and his home, but that doesn’t mean Marek is open to giving Colin what the man wants from him. Yet, something about Colin calls to him and Marek finds he can’t quite return to the half-life he was living. It’s up to Marek to decide if he can take a chance on Colin and risk his heart for the chance at a life and a love that could last forever.

Heart-wrenching despair mixes with happiness and hope in the stunning Dreaming in Color. Cameron Dane is a master at creating characters who grab your heart in such a way that you cannot stop reading until they find happiness. Marek is a man deeply tormented by his past. His life, such as it is, seems to have been frozen at the state of his loss and it takes Colin’s arrival, and his opening himself to Colin, to bring Marek fully back to life. I loved every minute of reading about his journey. Colin, in turn, is impossible not to love. He’s passionate, determined, and full of hope, all of which are beautiful traits in a hero. Colin and Marek’s path to happily ever after is tumultuous, but also intensely erotic and filled with unexpected moments of pure joy.

Quite simply, I loved Dreaming in Color. All of the characters come to life on the page, giving them a realistic feel and making the story all the more compelling. I admit, given the teasers in Dreaming in Color about how Colin’s best friend, Jordan, fell in love with her husband, I am desperately hoping Cameron Dane writes Jordan and Tag’s story. Still, until that wish is realized (if ever it is), I am more than happy to curl up with Marek and Colin’s romance again and again. Dreaming in Color is everything I have come to expect from one of Cameron Dane’s books. In short, it’s perfect.