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Grey's Awakening - Cameron Dane Recommended Read

My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/RRs/Oct09RR/greysawakening.CD.html

Greyson Cole is going to kill his sister. All Grey wants to do is escape Raleigh and the pandemic of love and romance which has spread through it. With that thought in mind, Grey heads to his cabin to spend two weeks in solitude, only to be confronted by over six feet of dripping wet, nearly naked male. According to the stranger, Grey’s twin, Kelsie, lent him the use of Grey’s cabin while his own was being repaired. And said stranger, Sirus Wilder, is definitely Not. Grey’s. Type. Grey will keep repeating that to himself until he believes it. Grey doesn’t do relationships, and no amount of lusting for the gorgeous, intelligent Sirus is going to change that.

Sirus adores Kelsie; her twin is another matter entirely. Sirus is grateful Grey lets him stay in the cabin while the plumbing is fixed on his own, but Grey has to be the coldest, most withdrawn person he has ever met. Yet there’s something about Grey, flashes of vulnerability which draw him to the seemingly aloof stranger. Sirus has been burned by love in the past and doesn’t want to risk his heart again, especially by falling for a man who flat-out tells him he doesn’t have the ability to love.

When the desire for one another becomes too tempting to resist, Grey and Sirus agree to embark on a two week affair with no strings attached. Too bad for them love has other plans. Grey and Sirus are about to find out that sometimes destiny takes charge and gives you a chance at happiness you never could have imagined; you just have to be brave enough to take it.

Grey’s Awakening is like a thunderstorm – powerful, glorious, and seemingly alive with raw emotion. Cameron Dane has written an enthralling story that no words can do justice to (though I will try) with two heroes that will wrap themselves around your heart and not let go.

Sirus is a romantic at heart, which was utterly lovely to see from such a strong, powerful male. His willingness to put himself out there, even in the face of past hurts, makes him the perfect match for Grey. And no man needs an open, accepting heart to love him more than Grey. For all his controlled demeanor, Grey is a tumultuous blend of old wounds, fear, and hesitant hope. With his cool confidence at the forefront, even I, a reader who got to see the inner workings of Grey’s mind, found myself sucker-punched by the pain in Grey’s past. He broke my heart, but his healing, opening up, and falling in love put it back together again. Their love story was as touching as is it was spellbindingly erotic.

While Grey’s Awakening is the second book in the Cabin Fever series, it does stand on its own. Kelsie and John (Grey’s sister and best friend) of The Sweetest Tattoo do make a brief appearance in Grey’s Awakening and fans of the first story will remember Sirus having a cameo in that tale. Neither book should be missed, for Cameron Dane is a wonderfully talented writer whose stories are as unique and diverse as the characters in them. And since I cannot say more about Grey’s Awakening without overtly gushing, I will leave with saying that I Joyfully Recommend this incredible book!