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Saying I Do - Cameron Dane My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/Feb10/sayingido.cd.html

It’s been two years since Rhone Quinn realized he was in love with Adam Reyes. Their relationship has gone through many changes over the years. They met when Rhone caught Adam trying to pick his pocket and since that fateful first meeting when Rhone offered Adam a job instead of turning him over to the police, Adam has become his business partner, best friend, and, to both their surprises, the love of the previously heterosexual Rhone’s life.

Now Rhone and Adam are in Vermont to get married, but everything is going exactly opposite to what the men had planned. A feuding soon-to-be-wed couple and a troubled hotel employee first prick Adam’s curiosity, then start wrecking havoc with his and Rhone’s relationship. They also force Adam to face his long-held fear: that of losing Rhone to a woman one day. Adam and Rhone have overcome a multitude of obstacles to wind up where they are, but will the ones they face now trip them up before they can walk down the aisle?

The chaos that always seems to surround weddings is amplified by intrigue and unvoiced fears in the fantastic Saying I Do. Cameron Dane shows readers what the after in “happily ever after” entails when the heroes from Finding Home do their best to make it to the altar in one piece. Having fallen in love with Adam and Rhone in Finding Home, I highly recommend reading that story before Saying I Do to feel the full emotional impact of the story, even though the author provides the necessary details to follow along in this book.

Adam and Rhone are both heroes that are easy to adore. They’re intelligent, protective, and deeply in love with one another. What I loved about Saying I Do was seeing that Adam didn’t just take Rhone’s newfound bisexuality for granted. Until just two years before, both men believed Rhone to be strictly heterosexual. The fact that Adam had fears of losing Rhone felt realistic to me, and I loved watching the heroes address his concerns and work it out to make their relationship all the stronger.

The subplots of Saying I Do were every bit as fascinating as the main storyline. However, I don’t want to spoil the book by giving away the details, so I’ll leave it to readers to be captivated as I was. I will say that Cameron Dane ended Saying I Do with a huge tease for the next Quinn Security book and left me desperately hoping that the next couple’s story is coming soon. All in all, Saying I Do was a wonderful, sexy tale that will make you sigh, blush, and beg for more from this phenomenal author.