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Something New - Cameron Dane Recommended Read

My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/recommended-reviews/september-2010-recommended-reads/something-new-by-cameron-dane

Raised in the foster care system after her parents’ brutal murder, Abby Gaines lets few people become close to her. Yet when she begins to have disturbing flashbacks about the night her parents were killed, Abby turns to Braden Crenshaw and Rodrigo Santiago. Abby has lusted after both men for the better part of a year, keeping her distance since she’s unable to choose between them. Then Braden and Rodrigo insist on helping her figure out the truth of her past, and close quarters reveal hidden desires.

Braden has always bounced back and forth between men and women, never able to find happiness with only one person. His passion for Abby is matched only by his lust for the strictly heterosexual Rodrigo. But Rodrigo has a secret he’s not going to be able to hide for long: he has begun to yearn for Braden’s touch as much as he does Abby’s. None of the three have ever been in a ménage relationship and Rodrigo hasn’t ever desired a man before Braden. Will Abby, Braden, and Rodrigo have the courage to form a bond that’s different, new, and stronger than any of them could have hoped?

Get ready for an explosively carnal ride with Something New! Cameron Dane has delivered the whole package with a book that’ll make you sweat, tug on your heartstrings, and keep you on the edge of your seat with its mystery.

What I’ve come to love best about Cameron Dane’s books are the characters. Each protagonist (not to mention the multitude of supporting characters) is unique, intriguing, and memorable. Abby, Rodrigo, and Braden are no exception. Cameron Dane brings them to life on the page so well that you’d think you could reach out and touch them. Yes, I was invested in the trio’s search to discover who killed Abby’s parents and yes, I enjoyed the no-holds-barred eroticism of the book’s sex scenes, but it was Abby, Braden, and Rodrigo themselves who will keep Something New in my mind for years to come. I cared about the three of them and because I did I was captivated by Something New. I loved how they navigated uncharted territory in their relationship, whether it was facing the realities of living in an “unconventional” relationship or the three handling (both individually and as a unit) the developing physical and emotional relationship between Rodrigo and Braden. Even more endearing to me was how they worked to make sure everything was out in the open and that everyone in their threesome got equal love and attention. Cameron Dane didn’t make things effortless for the triad, but their faith in themselves and their growing love for each other made me confident in their ultimate success as a threesome. Something New is definitely something special, and for that reason I Joyfully Recommend it.