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Feeling Hot - Elle Kennedy Recommended Read

My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/recommended-reviews/september-2012-recommended-reads/feeling-hot-by-elle-kennedy

Recently back from a six month deployment, Navy SEAL Cash McCoy is looking to get laid. The only problem is, he loses the phone number of the gorgeous blonde he met in a bar and he can’t get her out of his mind. Then Lady Luck plays a cruel trick on him: Cash meets his fantasy girl again, but it turns out she’s his commanding officer’s sister.

Jen Scott has had a run of bad luck lately. She’s lost her job, her ex-boyfriend is stalking her, and now her brother is pawning her off on one of his men for a few weeks until the stalker situation is resolved. To make a bad situation worse, her appointed bodyguard is none other than Cash, the man who can make her hot just by breathing…and the man who won’t touch her because of a promise he made to Jen’s brother. After everything she’s been through, Jen’s not about to sit back and let Cash slip through her fingers. She wants a taste of the sexy SEAL and she won’t take no for an answer. If she’s willing to break her “no-dating-military-men” rule, then Cash can risk angering her brother. But what starts out as a fling turns into something much more. Will Jen take a chance on falling in love with the kind of man she’s sworn to guard her heart against?

I love all the stories in Elle Kennedy’s Out of Uniform series, but Feeling Hot might just be my favorite book yet! Feeling Hot is red-hot eroticism meets engaging characters and a swoon-worthy romance. What could be better?

Cash is a delight. He’s charming, sexy, caring, responsible, and genuinely warm-hearted. He falls hard for Jen and because he is so likeable, it made me root for him to win the heart of the girl of his dreams. And winning Jen’s heart isn’t exactly an easy feat. Having grown up with a father and brother in the Navy, Jen has seen what long absences can do to a marriage. It makes her “no-dating-military-men” rule logical and her fears are backed up by her brother’s marriage problems, which are in the background of Feeling Hot. Despite her reticence, Jen is a great match for Cash. She’s bright, funny, and kind, but she also has insecurities that stem from the pressure coming from her bossy (but well-meaning) family.

Separately, these Jen and Cash are endearing characters, but together… Whew! This book isn’t called Feeling Hot for nothing. Ms. Kennedy excels at writing blisteringly sensual sex scenes and she’s at the top of her game in Feeling Hot. Cash and Jen set fire to the page when together and Ms. Kennedy even ups the ante with her hottest ménage scene to date, one which has a little man-on-man action between Cash and his best friend, the up-for-anything Dylan (and damn, I want to read Dylan’s book).

Feeling Hot is the seventh Out of Uniform story, but it can easily be read as a standalone. Fans of the series will be thrilled to know that all their favorite past heroes and heroines appear in Feeling Hot, and Ms. Kennedy smoothly weaves in updates on each of them. Additionally, there’s a subplot in Feeling Hot about Jen’s brother Carson and his wife, Holly. Carson and Holly are the hero and heroine of the second Out of Uniform book, Heat of Passion, and in Feeling Hot Ms. Kennedy shows that happily ever after doesn’t always go smoothly. Without giving spoilers, I’ll say that Carson and Holly’s storyline was every bit as emotionally fulfilling as Jen and Cash’s was. And alongside past favorites are the new SEALs Ms. Kennedy introduces. I’m hoping that Seth, Jackson, and the aforementioned Dylan are fodder for future Out of Uniform books, because those men intrigued me in Feeling Hot.

Ms. Kennedy’s Out of Uniform stories are hot enough to make you sweat and Feeling Hot continues the tradition. I devoured Jen and Cash’s story in one sitting, loving the protagonists, their friends, and, yes, the insanely hot erotic encounters. I Joyfully Recommend Feeling Hot and I can’t wait to read the next Out of Uniform book!