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Heat Of The Night - Elle Kennedy My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/heat-of-the-night-by-elle-kennedy

Annabelle Holmes has always known she’d marry Bryce Worthington; her parents practically slapped her in the wedding dress when she was six years old. But Annabelle’s straightforward path takes a dramatic turn when Bryce breaks off their engagement and essentially calls Annabelle a prude while he’s at it. Annabelle needs to get out of San Francisco, and luckily her friend Christina in San Diego will be out of town for a month. Once in San Diego, Annabelle doesn’t mourn the death of her relationship, but she’s definitely burned by Bryce’s comments. So she sits down with a pen and paper, listing all the naughty things she’s longed to do, intending to throw the list in Bryce’s face when she gets back to San Francisco. Fate, however, has a different plan in mind.

Navy SEAL Ryan Evans is an expert in no-strings-attached sex and he’s lucky one of his upstairs neighbors is always up for a fun night of it. Slipping into Christina’s bed one night, Ryan finds the surprise of his life: a gorgeous, curvy stranger in Christina’s place. The startled, furious Annabelle intrigues Ryan immediately, as does her obvious immunity to his charm. But when leaving the apartment, Ryan accidentally ends up with Annabelle’s list.

Annabelle’s mortified Ryan found her list, but the sexy SEAL tempts her with an offer she doesn’t want to refuse: the chance to experience each and every desire. A few weeks of play won’t do any harm…unless their “playing” takes a very real, romantic turn.

Where can I get one of Elle Kennedy’s SEALs? Ms. Kennedy delivers some of the sexiest, naughtiest, most entertaining heroes in her Out of Uniform series and the to-die-for Ryan Evans is no exception. His genuine joy, good humor, and care for his friends grabbed me from the start and the vulnerabilities he has beneath the surface tugged at my heart. Ryan has no problem been wicked and it was a delight to watch him unearth Annabelle’s erotic potential. A major reason Heat of the Night is such a fun read is the sparks that fly between Annabelle and Ryan. Two such likeable, compatible characters are just made to be together and I zipped through Heat of the Night, loving every minute the devil-may-care Ryan and sarcastic Annabelle were together.

Heat of the Night is the fifth story in the Out of Uniform series, but it can be read on its own. All the heroes and heroines from the previous Out of Uniform tales (Heat of the Moment, Heat of Passion, Heat of the Storm, and Heat it Up) make at least a brief appearance, and Jane (of Heat it Up) plays a major role. Ryan’s roommate and best friend, Matt O’Connor, also spices things up in Heat of the Night, and it’s no spoiler to say he helps Ryan and Annabelle cross one thing off her list. Ms. Kennedy has me almost drooling for the last single member of SEAL Team Fifteen to get his story.

Heat of the Night is an aptly-titled book that is pure, sexy fun. Ryan and Annabelle’s romance is sweet, scorchingly erotic, and entertaining all the way through. I loved Heat of the Night and can’t wait for The Heat is On, when Ryan’s roommate meets his match.