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The Heat is On - Elle Kennedy My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/the-heat-is-on-by-elle-kennedy

Since Matt O’Connor’s former roommate joined the rest of his friends on the path to love, marriage, and babies, Matt has been feeling a bit lonely. Not that he has any intention of giving up his no-strings-attached sex lifestyle. Matt’s happy with his status as the bad boy of SEAL Team Fifteen. Then he meets Savannah Harte. The beautiful blonde knocks Matt of his feet and her attitude toward sex matches Matt’s. She wants sexy thrills and no commitments. The minute things start to change, she’ll take off. They should be a match made in heaven. Except that, for the first time, Matt finds himself wanting something more than a red-hot fling. Can Matt convince Savannah that love could be the biggest thrill of all?

The heat is most definitely on in the sixth wildly erotic Out of Uniform tale! The Heat is On has all the spiciness and charm I’ve come to expect from one of Elle Kennedy’s books. It was a delight to watch the normally smooth-talking Matt meet his match in Savannah. Who doesn’t like to see a bad boy get his due and fall in love? Savannah’s a bad girl with style, one who is up front and honest about the fact that she loves sex but doesn’t want the boringness of commitment. Yet, despite their casual attitudes about sex, both Matt and Savannah have issues lurking beneath that façade. I was avidly turning the pages (or rather scrolling down), waiting to see how each would cope with falling in love. It’s not easy for them, Savannah in particular. She makes mistakes as she tries to push Matt away. However, not only are the mistakes understandable, they can lead to some smoking-hot scenes, including a threesome with Matt’s friend Aidan.

Each book in Ms. Kennedy’s Out of Uniform series can be read as a standalone, but fans of the previous five books (Heat of the Moment, Heat of Passion, Heat of the Storm, Heat it Up, and Heat of the Night) will delight in seeing some of their favorite characters again. Loving each and every Out of Uniform book as I do, it was a special treat for me to catch up with some of my favorite characters again.

I adored The Heat is On from beginning to end and the only sad part (for me) was that the last single member of the current SEAL Team Fifteen has fallen in love. Still, I’m hoping Ms. Kennedy continues the Out of Uniform series. There’s a certain Navel Intelligence officer that captured my interest, even as he joined Savannah and Matt in bed. Whether or not there are more Out of Uniform stories to come, I know I’ll be curling up with Savannah and Matt’s story again in the near future. As with all the Out of Uniform books, The Heat is On is a wickedly entertaining read.