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Catch Me in Castile

Catch Me in Castile - Kimberley Troutte 2.5 stars

My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/Nov09/catchmeincastile.kt.html

When pleasure mixed with work leads to a stockbroker’s day from hell, Erin Carter has a breakdown. Having quit her job and feeling like she’s losing her grip on sanity, Erin agrees to her best friend Maria’s plan to visit her family in Spain. There, Erin finds that peace doesn’t come easy. On the one hand, she falls fast and hard for Dr. Santiago Botello, a gorgeous Spaniard with green eyes that are to-die-for and talented hands to match. On the other, a fifteenth-century ghost named Serena seems to have attached herself to Erin for reasons she cannot understand. In an effort to get the ghost out of her life, Erin agrees to help Serena figure out what happened to her. But as Erin sinks deeper both into Santiago’s embrace and Serena’s mystery, her life starts to mirror that of her spectral visitor. And the past did not end well for Serena…

Kimberly Troutte serves up romance with a heavy dose of danger in Catch Me in Castile. Santiago is the kind of hero that makes most women wish they could pay a visit to the doctor. He’s intelligent, kind, and wonderfully sensual. As for Erin, she intrigued me. Erin’s an unusual heroine, in that for most of the book she isn’t quite sure she has a full grip on her sanity (and with good reason). I was captivated watching her heal by spending time with Santiago and delving into the mystery of Serena’s tragic end.

A threatening figure lurking around every corner adds menace to Catch Me in Castile. Falling in love with Santiago may be easy, but staying alive is a more difficult task for Erin. What was disappointing about Catch Me in Castile is that halfway through the story it is obvious who is orchestrating Erin’s troubles. Because it was so clear to me who the story’s “villain” was, it felt like the second half of the story dragged a bit. Still, I enjoyed Catch Me in Castile and finished the book with a smile on my face at the end. Ms. Troutte made me feel like I was being swept away to Spain, and I must admit, she also made me wish I had a Santiago waiting for me at journey’s end.