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I Spy a Dark Obsession  - Jo Davis My review is cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/i-spy-a-dark-obsession-by-jo-davis

Michael Ross is no stranger to danger; he is, after all, the head of SHADO, a covert homeland security agency. But Robert Dietz, Michael’s former right-hand man, is specifically targeting Michael and everyone he cares about. And for that, Michael’s out for blood. To capture Dietz, Michael will need the help of his best agents, including his best friend, Bastian Chevalier, and tech expert Katrina Brandt. Michael can’t afford any distractions, and both Katrina and Bastian are very distracting. He’s at ease with his desire for Katrina – it’s the feelings that have been brewing for years between him and Bastian are knocking Michael off-course. It’s not long before Michael, Bastian, and Katrina have to decide if they are willing to try an “unconventional” relationship. But the trio’s chance at happiness might not happen if Dietz has his way…

Jo Davis brings the SHADO Agency series to a resounding climax in I Spy a Dark Obsession. Ms. Davis holds nothing back in this erotic thrill ride of a book. The fluid sexuality of the SHADO Agency’s cast of characters means that anything goes in I Spy a Dark Obsession, so readers unfamiliar with the series should note that there’s male/male and female/female interaction in this story. The characters’ open enjoyment of their sexuality is something I like about this series and I commend Ms. Davis for managing to include a wide variety of erotic encounters between different characters without the book ever seeming pornographic.

Not everyone is at ease with their sexuality in I Spy a Dark Obsession. Michael has been in love with Bastian for years but he’s completely freaked out by the idea that he’s attracted to a man. His actions – often stemming from his unease – hurt his best friend over and over and over again. My heart broke for Bastian, but Ms. Davis does a good job of making Michael’s problems understandable, even if I didn’t agree with them. I could not put down I Spy a Dark Obsession because I wanted to see Bastian finally get the love and attention from Michael he deserves. As for the third member of the threesome, Katrina is smart, likeable, and comfortable with falling in love with two men at once. The only issue I have with this story is that Ms. Davis has been building up the Michael-Bastian relationship throughout the series, so Katrina pretty much falling into the love story didn’t have the emotional power punch that the Michael-Bastian part of the book did.

I Spy a Dark Obsession is the third book in the SHADO Agency series, but Ms. Davis provides all the information you need to read it as a standalone. All in all, I greatly enjoyed I Spy a Dark Obsession. It had action, danger, romance, and a heady amount of eroticism – a perfect combination for an entertaining afternoon read.