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Turbulent Sea - Christine Feehan Recommended Read

My review is cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/RRs/Sep08RR/TurbulentSea.CF.html

The sixth of seven magical sisters, Joley Drake has the gift of spell-singing, a talent that has helped her skyrocket to fame and fortune. For the beautiful rock star, life on tour can be crazy, hectic, and fraught with peril. The paparazzi hounds her, and the trappings of success have brought down some of her band members, bringing the Russian mob to her doorstep, and with them, the one man she cannot resist.

Ilya Prakenskii has lived his life in isolation, cultivating his reputation as a ruthless hit man and bodyguard as he works to bring down his current employer. His existence had been cold, emotionless, until the first moment he heard Joley’s voice. And after meeting Joley in person, he knows she is the one woman fated to be his. For Joley isn’t the only one with magic in her blood, and Ilya is prepared to use every seductive trick he can to keep the songstress into his life, forever.

As danger explodes around the pair, Joley turns to one man she believes to keep her safe. But even as passion burns bright between the two, Joley has a decision to make. Should she play it safe or risk everything and give her heart to a man she isn’t completely sure she can trust?

Prepare yourselves for a fiery, passionate romance which is, indeed, as turbulent as the sea. Christine Feehan has written yet another incredible installment in her Drake Sisters series. Ever since book three of the series, Oceans of Fire, I’ve waited for the dynamic pairing of Joley Drake and Ilya Prakenskii and Turbulent Sea lived up to my expectations. Ilya was dark, dominant, and completely endearing in his absolute certainty of his love for Joley and his determination to keep her safe. In Turbulent Sea, Ms. Feehan shows a more vulnerable side to Joley, who on the surface seems so strong and carefree, and the contrast only makes her more endearing. The desire brewing between Ilya and Joley was spellbinding and pulled me in from the start. The passionate draw between the two could have carried the story on its own. Yet Ms. Feehan drew me in further with the underlying tenderness between Joley and Ilya as I watched two souls learn to trust one another with their love.

So often I read books where the heroine, though likeable, is simply the mechanism for me to fall in love with the hero. Not so with the Drake sisters. Each sister is a fully-fleshed, realistic character I love for herself alone, and Joley is no exception. Where Ilya is dark and cold with hints of lightness in his soul, Joley is brilliant, vibrant, with just enough darkness to understand Ilya. The two compliment and complete one another, but even before I fell in love with their romance, I had connected to both Ilya and Joley for themselves alone.

If I could ask for one thing to be included in this book, it would be for Ilya to share more of his past with Joley. As it stands, however, the book was fantastic from beginning to end and both the characters and the story felt fully realized. Ms. Feehan does not disappoint – I Joyfully Recommend Turbulent Sea and cannot wait for the youngest Drake sister, Elle, to get her story. Simply fabulous!