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The Vampire Voss - Colleen Gleason My review is cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/the-vampire-voss-by-colleen-gleason

Voss Arden, Viscount Dewhurst, loves power and pleasure more than London Society loves gossip. Thus it’s convenient for him that being Dracule – a vampire turned and marked by Lucifer himself – affords both those things. Voss is loyal to no one but himself, trusts no one but himself, and does his best to collect information on anyone he can, especially other members of the Draculia. He’s also careful to stay neutral when it comes to the different factions of vampires. But everything changes when Voss searches out Angelica Woodmore, sister of a vampire hunter and a woman known for having the gift of Sight. Angelica tempts Voss in more than just the physical way. He hungers for her body and blood, yet she also makes him yearn for a connection he never knew he wanted and refuses to admit he desperately needs. With her brother’s enemy targeting Angelica and her sister, Voss is forced to question everything he’s ever believed is dear to him. And the answers he uncovers might lead him to pay the ultimate price in order to be with the woman who touches his cracked soul.

See Regency London like you never have before in the captivating, unique The Vampire Voss. This scintillating first installment to Colleen Gleason’s Regency Draculia series is pure entertainment from beginning to end. Voss uses information as both a sword and a shield and that intrigued me from the start. Voss’s particular favorite thing to do is finding out other vampires’ Asthenia (a weakness that is unique to each vampire). Other vampires might despise him, but I, the reader, found Voss to be irresistible. He’s hedonistic and focused on his own personal games at the beginning of the tale, but watching him grow and change was one of the beauties of The Vampire Voss. As for Angelica, she’s every bit as compelling as the vampire who comes to love her. She’s intelligent, kind, and strong-willed – the perfect match for Voss. She engenders loyalty, making it easy to see why she is the catalyst for Voss’s change.

The Vampire Voss is the first of three Regency Draculia books that will be coming out over the course of three months. Ms. Gleason brings her paranormal Regency world to life beautifully, though I won’t go into specifics, as I don’t want to spoil the fun of what readers will learn themselves. I will say that Ms. Gleason is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat for the next two books, The Vampire Dimitri and The Vampire Narcise. The only niggle I had about The Vampire Voss was that Dimitri and his future heroine seemed to overtake the book more than I would have liked, considering it was Voss and Angelica’s book. Still, I absolutely adored The Vampire Voss, am excited to read The Vampire Dimitri, and am practically climbing the walls with my eagerness to read The Vampire Narcise. I highly recommend The Vampire Voss to readers who are looking for a new spin on the vampire mythos, those who want a bit of paranormal bite to their historical romance, and/or people looking for a wildly addictive new series to enjoy.