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The Vampire Narcise (Regency Draculia #3) - Colleen Gleason My review is cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/the-vampire-narcise-by-colleen-gleason

Since the moment she became Dracule, Narcise Moldavi has been imprisoned, used, and traded by her brother, Cezar. For years, she simply existed, forced to fight for the right to remain unmolested. Then Narcise met Giordan Cale, a Dracule unlike any other she met before. Yet, just as Narcise felt herself coming to life once more, Giordan betrayed her in the worst manner possible.

Ten years later, freedom is in Narcise’s grasp. When vampire hunter Chas Woodmore sneaks into Cezar’s place to kill the vampire, Narcise convinces him to help her escape. Chas hates most vampires, but he can’t seem to resist his attraction to her. And, to her surprise, Narcise desires Chas in return.

But nothing in life is ever simple. Cezar will stop at nothing to reclaim Narcise and Chas’s mission to slay her brother will bring Giordan back into Narcise’s life. Chas wants her. Giordan hates her. And Narcise will be forced to confront the worst horrors of her life if she hopes to truly live for the first time in her immortal life.

In a trio of wonderful books, The Vampire Narcise stands out. Colleen Gleason’s third Regency Draculia book is the one I’ve been waiting on and it’s fantastic. I admit, I normally loathe love triangles with a distaste generally reserved for spiders and computer viruses. In the case of the Regency Draculia books, I was on the edge of my seat, eager to see if Narcise would end up with the man I so wanted her to be with, for I couldn’t imagine any other pairing. To my immense relief, Ms. Gleason hadn’t steered me wrong with the hints she laid out in The Vampire Voss and The Vampire Dimitri; the romance in The Vampire Narcise is exquisite.

Narcise is everything I’d hoped she would be: she’s a survivor, one who has suffered numerous horrors and still retains a core strength that impressed me. The pain she’s gone through broke my heart and I practically devoured The Vampire Narcise because I so wanted her to get the happily ever after she deserved. As for Narcise’s hero…sorry, I won’t spoil the book by revealing who he is. Unfortunately, because I don’t want to provide spoilers, I can’t say much about him. I will say that I absolutely loved him. The sacrifices he makes for Narcise made me want to cry and truly, he earns every minute of happiness he can find. I loved them together, and because I did, I was thrilled by The Vampire Narcise.

For readers who haven’t yet enjoyed the first two Regency Draculia books (The Vampire Voss and The Vampire Dimitri), The Vampire Narcise can be read as a standalone, though there are some spoilers for the first two books. The Vampire Narcise is even faster-paced than its predecessors, which is generally a good thing. The only problem I had was that the climax of the book felt a bit rushed and choppy, which was a pity because, with a bit of expansion, it could have been perfect. Still, I can definitely say I finished The Vampire Narcise a jubilant reader and I can safely say that if you enjoyed the first two Regency Draculia books, you’re going to adore The Vampire Narcise!