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Scandal in Scotland - Karen Hawkins My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/scandal-in-scotland-by-karen-hawkins

Renowned actress Marcail Beauchamp possesses many secrets, not the least of which is her love for William Hurst, the man whose heart she broke many years ago. Now Marcail needs something of William’s: an onyx box that she will deliver to a mysterious blackmailer. Seeing William breaks Marcail’s heart all over again, but she manages to steal the box from him, only to discover that he needs the artifact to save his youngest brother. Knowing she might well have endangered the life of someone William holds dear, Marcail joins William on a quest to recover the box. Years apart have done nothing to diminish the desire that burns bright and hot between her and William, but passion isn’t love or trust, two things Marcail fears she’ll never get from William again. Is the specter of their past too powerful a presence for Marcail to be able to claim William’s heart once more?

Scandal in Scotland will sweep you away on an incredible adventure filled with passion, intrigue, and romance. Scandal in Scotland sparkles with life and crackles with the heat between Marcail and William.

Marcail is not your ordinary nineteenth century English miss. She’s an actress, and a talented one at that, one who loves her profession and has had to make sacrifices to keep herself safe while working. She’s made mistakes and keeps secrets, but those flaws add to her character rather than detract from it. William has been hurt by Marcail and he, in turn, has made mistakes when it comes to the person that he loves, but what endeared him to me was his willingness to move past his hurt and truly listen to Marcail. William and Marcail’s complete devotion to their families also won me over. The two may not be a perfect match in the eyes of society, but for readers, there’s no better pairing than these two.

Scandal in Scotland is the second book in Karen Hawkins’s delightful Hurst Amulet series, but Ms. Hawkins weaves in the necessary information that will enable readers new to the series to follow along with ease. Ms. Hawkins continues to intrigue with mystery of the Hurst Amulet, but it’s the Hurst siblings themselves that make me eager to read the rest of the series. Scandal in Scotland contains wicked teases regarding who Robert and Michael’s heroines will be, and if those tidbits are any indication, the sparks are going to fly in upcoming books.

Scandal in Scotland is just the kind of fun, entertaining story I’ve come to expect from Ms. Hawkins. I read Scandal in Scotland in one sitting, not able to put Marcail and William’s story down until I finished it. I adored Scandal in Scotland and I cannot wait to read the next Hurst Amulet book!