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Sun, Surf and Sex on a Beach

Sun, Surf and Sex on a Beach - Tuesday Morrigan My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/sun-surf-and-sex-on-a-beach-by-tuesday-morrigan

While on a working vacation in Sydney, Michaela Jameson has plans to enjoy the Australian sunshine, go surfing, and have sex on a beach. The beautiful scientist’s plans go up in smoke almost immediately upon arrival, however, when she finds out that her employer has hired a bodyguard to be with her at all times. Michaela doesn’t put much stock into the threats; it’s not the first time someone has objected to her work in the field of biomedical engineering. But she is concerned that she’ll never reach her more pleasurable goals with a bodyguard around.

Donovan Kelly can tell straight off that Michaela Jameson doesn’t want a bodyguard. He figures it’s too bad for her, since he’ll do exactly what he was hired to do. And guarding Michaela won’t exactly be a hardship. The hard part for Donovan is keeping his eyes off Michaela’s body.

Perhaps Michaela’s going to be in for a little sun, surf, and sex on a beach after all.

The heat is on in the lively, erotic Sun, Surf and Sex on a Beach! Tuesday Morrigan pairs one hard-headed scientist with a too-sexy-for-his-own-good bodyguard and the result is one heck of a sizzling story. Both Donovan and Michaela are a little pushy, which means they lock horns more than once in Sun, Surf and Sex on a Beach. I liked the dynamic between the pair and enjoyed their journey from (reluctant) lust to love. Sun, Surf and Sex on a Beach is a fast-moving tale that is pure fun to either read or listen to. The only downside is I finished the story longing to have an adventure (minus the danger) like the one Ms. Morrigan penned for Michaela.