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Getting Hotter - Elle Kennedy 3.5 stars. My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/getting-hotter-by-elle-kennedy

Navy SEAL Seth Masterson has had a thing for former showgirl Miranda Breslin since the first moment he saw her. Now that she’s moved to San Diego and his mother has ordered him to keep an eye out for her, Seth thinks it’s the perfect time to seduce the beautiful dancer.

Miranda, a single mom with two jobs, doesn’t want any entanglements. Particularly not with a man like Seth; she’s had her fill of bad boys, thank you very much. Then her apartment floods and Miranda and her children temporarily move in with Seth. The attraction between her and Seth is getting too hot for Miranda to resist. But even as she gives in to Seth’s advances, Miranda has to wonder: Can she keep things between her and Seth strictly physical when he’s doing his best to capture her heart?

To borrow the title of another one of Elle Kennedy’s Out of Uniform books, the heat is on in Getting Hotter. Ms. Kennedy knows how to write scorching sexual tension and boy does the tension reach new heights in the eighth Out of Uniform story.

Miranda is a heroine you have to love. She grew up fast at a young age when she gave birth to her twins. Miranda’s love for her children, her hardworking attitude, and her generous heart make it easy to adore her. Seth, in turn, is a lot rougher around the edges. I admit, he never really grew on me, something that’s never happened with any of Ms. Kennedy’s characters before. In the beginning of Getting Hotter, he doesn’t seem to want to understand Miranda’s responsibilities as a parent. His turnaround when it comes to his relationship with the twins, Jason and Sophie, wasn’t as organic as I’d have hoped, so it pulled me out of the story a bit. Still, I give high marks to Ms. Kennedy for making the romance between Miranda and Seth — and thus the ending of Getting Hotter — finish strong.

Stealing the show from Miranda and Seth is Seth’s roommate and fellow SEAL, Dylan. Dylan is funny, charming, sweet, and sexy as hell. Every single page he’s on sparks with energy, particularly those pages where he’s with the person I’m desperately hoping is his HEA. I won’t reveal who the object of Dylan’s interest is, but I might cry if Ms. Kennedy doesn’t pair them up because every single scene involving Dylan and this person is Off. The. Charts. HOT.

Getting Hotter is the eighth Out of Uniform book, but each story in the series can easily be read as a standalone. However, I defy you to read Getting Hotter and not be intrigued by the supporting characters, many of whom come from previous Out of Uniform tales. I absolutely love the engaging, red-hot Out of Uniform series. Every book Ms. Kennedy writes is a pleasure to read. While it may not be my favorite book in the overwhelmingly fantastic series, Getting Hotter is still a satisfying read. The only downside to Getting Hotter? I’m more impatient than ever to read Dylan’s book!