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Gamble's Game

Gamble's Game - Tara S. Nichols My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/Mar10/gamblesgame.tn.html

After witnessing her parents’ constant fighting, Desiree has decided she doesn’t do relationships. Instead, she slakes her lust with a never-ending series of one night stands. All that ends when Desiree makes a bet with her two best friends, Andrew Gamble and Joshua Tully. Each of them will remain abstinent, but whoever cracks first will owe two week’s worth of wages. Three people. All of them horny. Each willing to push the others to the end of their sexual tension rope. Who will be the first to give in?

Tara S. Nicholas ramps up the heat in the lust-riddled Gamble’s Game. The problem I had with this story was not that all the characters had high school level hormones, but that their maturity level matched. Desiree’s unwillingness to be in a relationship stemmed from an issue a ten second conversation could resolve. The supporting characters were both clueless and immature, which was a pity. The only character who held any appeal for me was Gamble, but sadly Ms. Nicholas only took very brief forays into his head. Still, while Gamble’s Game was not for me, readers looking for a story brimming with sexual tension that is ultimately fulfilled in a M/F/M/F ménage a quatre will find what they desire with this book.