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Don't Look Back - Josh Lanyon Recommended Read

My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/RRs/Oct09RR/dontlookback.JL.html

Museum curator Peter Killian wakes up in the hospital to find that a blow to the head is the least of his problems. A priceless mural has been stolen from Constantine House, the museum Peter works at and Detective Michael Griffin seems convinced Peter is the one behind the robbery. The problem is, Peter can’t defend himself because his memory is gone. With the evidence mounting up against him and a handsome but obstinate detective who knows more than he’s letting on breathing down his neck, Peter must try to put together the pieces of his fragmented memory and figure out who is stealing from the museum before he winds up in jail or the real thief decides to silence him forever.

Mystery, danger, an apparently single-minded detective, an amnesiac witness, and a healthy dose of eroticism – who could mix all these elements so well into a divine cocktail of a story but Josh Lanyon? Don’t Look Back is the reason I fell head over heels for Mr. Lanyon’s work. It’s exciting, sensual, gripping, and highly entertaining; in other words, everything a story should be.

I hesitate to use this word, but I found Peter to be adorable (in a non-emasculating sense of the word). He was an intriguing combination of sexiness and starch. I loved watching him put together both who he is now and also who he was before he lost his memory. I watched him piece together what was happening, who he could trust, how he got into the situation he was in, and who was out to get him with great interest. As for Don’t Look Back’s other protagonist, Mike is and isn’t who he first appears to be. He’s gruff, to be sure, but there’s a wealth of caring beneath his hardened surface.

It would be a crime to reveal too much about Don’t Look Back because there is no way to discuss the characters or what happens in the story that would come close to matching the thrill of watching how things unfold. I loved Don’t Look Back and no sooner did I finish it than, like a siren’s call, the story lured me back to read it once more. Successive re-reads have not dimmed my enjoyment of this tale, for Mr. Lanyon has truly penned a remarkable story. Joyfully Recommended!