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Hostage to Pleasure - Nalini Singh Recommended Read

My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/RRs/Oct08RR/HostageToPleasure.NS.html

In the year 2080, there are three different species of people on the planet. Humans, the shape-shifting Changelings, and the Psy, who operate on both the physical and psychic plane. The Psy are trained from childhood to feel nothing – they are conditioned to be emotionless to the point of being cold and almost inhumane in their view of the world. Any Psy who is different is considered to be “flawed.” And the Psy Council doesn’t allow flawed Psy to live.

To the outside world, Ashaya Aleine is the perfect Psy. The medically gifted Psy has been forced to work towards the creation of an implant, which would psychically enslave the majority of the Psy. The Council has her son, Keenan, and Ashaya is prepared to do all that it takes to free him from the PsyNet and ensure his safety. Even if it means trusting a lethally seductive sniper who she isn’t sure wants to kiss her or kill her.

Dorian Christensen is a sentinel of the DarkRiver leopard pack. Latent, Dorian is unable to shift into his leopard form, and the cat in him is desperate to be free. Having lost his sister to a murderous Psy, Dorian hates the Psy Council and almost all Psy, except those who are part of his pack. So when attraction sparks the instant he sees Ashaya, Dorian is furious. He’ll protect Keenan with everything that’s in him, but how can he betray his sister’s memory by falling in love with someone who worked for the Council?

Yet even as Dorian begins to lose his battle against falling for Ashaya, he discovers she has secrets of her own which could keep them apart. And neither leopard nor man will stand for that. Even as innumerable dangers surround the pair, desire heats up, and nothing will ever be the same again.

Fasten your seatbelts, because Hostage to Pleasure is one explosive, passionate ride! Nalini Singh has upped the ante yet again in her fantastic Psy-Changeling series. Ms. Singh has delivered an incredible tale with a sensual romance, endearing characters, a quick-moving plot, and fascinating world-building.

I will admit up front that Dorian has been my favorite character in this series from the very first, so I have been desperately waiting for him to get his happily ever after. Ms. Singh did not disappoint; Dorian is everything I hoped he would be – strong, deadly, tormented, protective, and wickedly sexy. He melted my heart with his suffering over his sister’s death and his determination to keep Ashaya and Keenan safe. Then he turned up the heat as he set out to seduce Ashaya and I was completely gone. After meeting her in the last Psy-Changeling book, Mine to Possess, I knew Ashaya would be a Psy unlike any we had met before. I was fascinated with the many facets to her character and admired her intelligence, strength of will, and love for her son that flourishes despite the lifelong “training” she has received that would try to break that bond.

Ms. Singh is a writer of unparalleled talent. I remain incredibly impressed with her continuing ability to create such unique heroes and heroines. Each and every character in this series, from heroes to villains, is so real, so distinct, when I read the books it is as if they come to life around me. As for the world she creates, Hostage to Pleasure builds on the world Ms. Singh has established in previous books, but surprised me yet again with the twists and complications that arose. The world is so real, yet many mysteries remain; it’s a fantastic mental treat to read and re-read this book to see what has occurred and speculate on what will be.

Hostage to Pleasure is the sixth installment of Psy-Changeling series. For the romance itself, the book can be read on its own. However, the world of the Psy-Changeling is so complex that new readers would be better served by reading the preceding four full-length books – Slave to Sensation, Visions of Heat, Caressed by Ice, and Mine to Possess – first.

I Joyfully Recommend Hostage to Pleasure. It’s a luscious, thrilling story that is captivating from beginning to end. I loved this book more than I can say and cannot wait for the next installment in this sexy, innovative series.