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Bonds of Justice - Nalini Singh Recommended Read

My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/recommended-reviews/july-2010-recommended-reads/bonds-of-justice-by-nalini-singh

Human cop Max Shannon has a rare ability – strong natural shield that prevent the Psy from intruding into his mind. Max doesn’t mind that his shield keeps him from rising in the ranks of New York Enforcement; it’s a price he’s willing to pay to know that his mind is safe. Max is surprised, however, that because of his natural shield he’s requested to investigate a case of a murderer targeting Psy Councilor Nikita Duncan’s closest advisors. And his partner on the case is a woman who tempts him like no other…

Justice Psy Sophia Russo is fascinated in ways a perfect, emotionless Psy should not be by Detective Max Shannon. But Sophia hasn’t been a perfect Psy for a very, very long time. Her past and her job as a J have disintegrated Sophia’s shields to the point where she knows it’s only a matter of time before she’s either discovered, gives into the darkness within her, or both. Though she knows she can only fight fate so long, working side-by-side with Max, feeling the desire burning between them, makes Sophia yearn to take a chance on experiencing what it means to be loved, if only for a moment. Yet the more entangled Sophia and Max’s lives become, the more Sophia fears what will happen when her mind is taken from her and she’s forced to leave him. Can she dare to hope the bonds of their love will have the power to save her?

Nalini Singh just gets better and better! Bonds of Justice is a vivid, brilliant story that kept me reading from dusk ‘til dawn and then some. It’s long been my opinion that no one mixes world building, action, and romance better than Ms. Singh, and Bonds of Justice only makes me hold more firmly to my position. The twists and turns the world of the Psy-Changelings takes in Bonds of Justice are far, far too entertaining to spoil, but I will say Ms. Singh continues to blow my mind and not only does she pull the rug out from under me, but she does so in ways that are organic to the overall story arc of the series.

At the heart of Bonds of Justice are a new favorite hero and heroine of mine. Max, whom I was intrigued by in Mine to Possess, comes into his own in his story and he’s a hero who is sure to have readers dreamily sighing. He’s intelligent, deeply protective, and downright devastatingly sexy – how can you resist? Sophia is my favorite heroine since Mercy (of Branded by Fire). She’s smart, strong, unusual, and utterly fascinating. I was drawn to her from the start and the complexity of her character was, in a word, mesmerizing. I loved she and Max as a pair; Ms. Singh has definitely created yet another, memorable, compelling couple with Max and Sophia.

Bonds of Justice is the tenth story (eighth full-length book) in Ms. Singh’s extraordinary Psy-Changeling series. Ms. Singh provides enough information for readers new to the series to follow along. The only thing readers unfamiliar with the series might miss out on is the gut-punch impact some of the world building will have on fans of the series. As for those, like myself, who have long been in love with the Psy-Changelings? They’ll be thrilled to revisit some of their favorite heroes and heroines from the previous books and I defy anyone to claim, after reading Bonds of Justice, they’re not intrigued by some of the Psy Council members who play a large part in the story.

Bonds of Justice is another winner from the exceptional Ms. Singh. It’s passion, danger, and phenomenal world building that warms the heart and feeds the mind. What could be better?