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Emerald: Rewriting History - E.M. Lynley Recommended Read

My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/recommended-reviews/september-2010-recommended-reads/emerald-rewriting-history-by-em-lynley

The At Home with Royalty exhibit is going to be the high point of museum curator Tobin Wyler’s career…if his ex doesn’t bring things crashing down. Ten years ago, things ended badly between Tobin and Pierce Worthington, and Tobin doesn’t trust Pierce one bit, especially not around The Green Sorrow, a world-famous emerald on display at the museum. Tobin suspects Pierce of being the elusive thief known as the Jaguar. He can’t risk Pierce stealing the emerald and ruining his career, so when Pierce offers to let Tobin keep an eye on him for the next thirty-six hours, Tobin knows he can’t refuse. The clock’s ticking and Tobin has to protect the emerald – and his heart – from the man who would steal both.

There’s something so delicious about an elegant bad boy, isn’t there? Pierce certainly fits the bill as a too-sexy-for-his-own-good thief who has to face the prospect that his newest job could ruin the reputation of the man he loves. Tobin, too, has inner battles to face as he struggles with losing his heart to a man he fears would break it for a second time. The two of them are delicious heroes in their own right, but together? You’ll be fanning yourself, for sure.

Emerald: Rewriting History was such a fun read that every time I think of it, I want to re-read Pierce and Tobin’s story. EM Lynley gives Emerald: Rewriting History a dazzling energy and I can’t help but smile thinking of the sparks that fly between Tobin and Pierce. For a snappy, sexy good time, look no farther than Emerald: Rewriting History. Joyfully Recommended!