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The Queens of Merab: The Journey

The Queens of Merab: The Journey - Violet Summers Recommended Read

My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/recommended-reviews/october-2010-recommended-reads/the-journey-by-violet-summers

Miach, Lord Fyre and First Consort to the Crown Princess Temair hates being away from his wife. But with rumors of abuse in the countryside, Miach must investigate. His journey is made doubly frustrating by the presence of his companion and fellow Consort, Dathan. Dathan has tempted Miach from before the Rayne Lord even became Temair’s Second Consort. A part of Miach feels guilty that he has fallen for Dathan in much the same way he did their wife, though Temair not only accepts the men’s feelings for each other, but is delighted by it. Now, truly alone with Dathan for the first time, Miach will be forced to decide if he can accept not only the passion he feels for Dathan, but the love as well.

I had a serious problem reviewing The Journey. Every time I started to write this review, I opened up the book on my computer and began re-reading this sizzling installment to the Queens of Merab series. The passion that fills the pages of The Journey burns like, yes, fyrey rayne. However, what endeared The Journey to me was not the erotic heat that explodes between Dathan and Miach, but the vulnerability Violet Summers shows in both men. Miach and Dathan are strong men, each in different ways, but both confident and seemingly invulnerable nonetheless. Yet Miach is thrown off-balance by his feelings for Dathan and the Rayne Lord, in turn, is unsure if Miach will ever return his feelings. How the two have danced around their feelings for each other throughout the Queens of Merab series coalesces in The Journey and it tugged on my heartstrings somewhat. The Journey truly is just that: a journey for both men to find what they need in each other.

Though it’s the fifth story in the Queens of Merab series, The Journey can be read on its own. Still, I do not recommend it, for even though the pulse-pounding eroticism of the story will still resonate with new readers, you’d be missing out on one heck of an emotional journey. I adored how Violet Summers shows the love amongst Temair’s family. Whether it’s the romantic kind of love each Consort feels for Temair (and Dathan and Miach for each other) or the brotherly love Miach and Dathan have for the Aire and Earth Consorts, love practically radiates off the page in The Journey.

The Journey is a delicious interlude that I cannot help but read over and over and over again. It’s wickedly erotic, emotionally satisfying, and wholly delightful. I love the characters the fantastic author duo that is Violet Summers have created in the Queens of Merab books and The Journey only makes me hungry for more books in this addictive, fascinating series. Joyfully Recommended!