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Succubi Like It Hot - Jill Myles My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/Feb10/succubilikeithot.jm.html

Jackie Brighton is finally adapting to her life as a succubus. Sure, she has to feed the Itch every other day by having sex, but having not one, but two immortal boyfriends – fallen angel Noah and vampire Zane – definitely helps with that. Plus she’s gone from an overweight docent to a red-hot archaeologist. Yep, things are looking up…until her touch knocks the pizza delivery guy unconscious.

Someone’s cursed Jackie and she has no idea who or why. But Jackie’s Itch is now out of control, she’s accidentally turning humans comatose, and if she doesn’t break the curse soon she’ll die. With her best friend and fellow succubus Remy at her side, Jackie has to head to New Orleans and meet an ancient succubus who will hopefully have an answer. But without Noah or Zane, Jackie’s Itch becomes a very big problem. Compound that with a demonic possession or two, a mysterious supernatural following her, and the troublesome deals immortals good and bad tempt her with and Jackie’s new succubus status is starting to, well, suck.

The adventures of newly-turned succubus Jackie Brighton continue in the second installment to The Succubus Diaries, Succubi Like It Hot. Jill Myles pens a lively tale, but romance readers should be warned that this series is so far erotic paranormal fiction, not romance. After discovering that in the first book, Gentlemen Prefer Succubi, I came prepared for this book and enjoyed it more than the first. Still, for all that Succubi Like It Hot made me grin, it’s missing something – depth. Despite the cheeky, eye-catching references made in the titles, Jackie is no Marilyn Monroe. Save for being a sassy, sexed-up succubus every man wants, there is no substance to her. With the series being told from the first person perspective this is a definite downside. Noah and Zane, Jackie’s two boyfriends she claims to be falling for, are definitely worth dreaming over. Unfortunately both men are stuck sharing her, which wouldn’t be a problem if they were happy about it, which they aren’t. Ms. Myles seems to be holding back information on both Noah and Zane, which is a pity. I want to become attached to them, but with so little page time outside of sex scenes, it was hard to do so. Mostly I felt pity for them being treated like handy sex toys and nothing more, Noah in particular. My favorite character continues to be the vivacious Remy, whose in-your-face sexuality combined with her caring heart make her a delight to read about.

Ms. Myles continues to write intriguing plots and Succubi Like It Hot is definitely a page-turner. While the book is not really a romance, it does end with what passes for a “happy for now.” I will definitely be reading the third book, as Ms. Myles has a fantastic world set up. Even with the major issues I had with the story, I liked Succubi Like It Hot. The Succubus Diaries have a lot of potential and I hope to see Ms. Myles capitalize on the possibilities she has created in the future.