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Kiss of the Rose - Kate Pearce My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/kiss-of-the-rose-by-kate-pearce

Desperate to defeat Richard III and become king of England and Wales, Henry Tudor made a pact with the Druids; one that bound him and his descendents to the Druids’ cause: destroying Vampires. Years have passed and Henry’s son, Henry VIII, sits on the throne, unaware of the pact his father made. Then corpses start turning up, drained of blood and Lady Rosalind Llewellyn, Druid and Vampire hunter, is sent to Court to protect the king. Convincing the king to let her protect him is easy for Rosalind – it’s complying with an ancient prophesy that’s hard. The prophesy calls for Rosalind to work with a known Druid slayer, Sir Christopher Ellis. Christopher kills her kind and protects Vampires – how can Rosalind work with him? And why does she feel this intense desire for the man who’s supposed to be her enemy? With the king’s life on the line, Rosalind must learn to blur the lines between friend and foe, to look past everything she’s ever been taught, and risk putting her faith in the one man who could either destroy her…or turn out to be her soul mate.

Kate Pearce brings otherworldly passion, danger, and intrigue to life in her sensational new series, The Tudor Vampire Chronicles. I didn’t think fiction could ever add to the excitement of history when it came to the court of Henry VIII, but with Kiss of the Rose Ms. Pearce has done it!

Ms. Pearce’s characters are always richly complex, and this holds true for Rosalind and Christopher. I adored them both; they’re intelligent, likeable, and relatable protagonists. Christopher and Rosalind are both bound to oft-conflicting oaths, yet they both have something in common: neither are one hundred percent accepted by their families. For Rosalind, it’s being a female Vampire slayer in a time when such a powerful, warrior-like duty would be seen as appalling to one of her gender. Christopher’s history is even more complicated, and the reasons which he is subjected to intense mistrust by his family are far too spoilerish for me to reveal. As a pair, Christopher and Rosalind fit like lock and key…if only they weren’t on opposite sides of an ancient battle. The obstacles blocking them from having a relationship seem almost insurmountable, and I so desperately want to see them find a way to be together.

Ms. Pearce starts the Tudor Vampire Chronicles strong with Kiss of the Rose. I finished the book practically dying to read book two, Blood of the Rose. I can’t wait to see what happens next to Rosalind and Christopher as they face yet more danger in Henry’s court. I love how Ms. Pearce blends history and the paranormal in Kiss of the Rose and I’m sure there are only more exciting things to come with Blood of the Rose as a new supernatural threat emerges even as the well-known drama involving the rise of Anne Boleyn plays out.

Kiss of the Rose is a wonderful, unique story penned by an amazingly talented author. Ms. Pearce never ceases to amaze me with her creativity that spans genres and her originality shines through in Kiss of the Rose.