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Master of the Abyss - Cherise Sinclair My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/master-of-the-abyss-by-cherise-sinclair

Kallie Masterson has wanted Jake Hunt since she first met him. She’s certain, however, that the drop-dead gorgeous Jake wouldn’t want a short, macho woman like her. And she’s fine with that, or so she pretends. After having grown up being shuffled from relative to relative, Kallie doesn’t need to give her heart to another person who wouldn’t want her and Jake’s well-known “one night only” rule assures her that, even if he did desire her, there’d never be anything between them. But when the Masterson family’s guide service sets up a deal with the Hunt brothers’ lodge, business brings her into contact with the man of her dreams…and his BDSM lifestyle.

When his slave committed suicide after he uncollared her, Jake swore he’d never take on a permanent submissive again. But when Kallie comes to the lodge on a BDSM night, Jake can’t resist unlocking her submissive nature. He knows he can only have her for one night, but one night with Kallie will never be enough for him. Conflicted, Jake tries to pull away from Kallie, but passion, and a connection neither can deny, keeps bringing the pair back together. But there’s another man who can’t keep his eyes off Kallie; one who has judged her to be evil and will not rest until she’s dead.

I can’t get enough of Cherise Sinclair’s books! Each and every story Ms. Sinclair writes is an erotic feast for the senses and Master of the Abyss is no exception. The passion that burns between Kallie and Jake is hotter than a wildfire, so keep a fan handy no matter the weather.

Master of the Abyss is the third story in Ms. Sinclair’s Mountain Masters series, and ever since the first book, Master of the Mountain, I’ve wanted Jake’s story. The Dom with a heart of gold is incredibly guilt-ridden over his ex-girlfriend’s death. His guilt may be unfounded, but his reason for not wanting to take on another sub does make sense. He’s wrong, of course, not to trust his own judgment, but I loved that he couldn’t resist breaking his own self-imposed rule in order to be with Kallie. As for the woman who so thoroughly captures Jake’s heart, Kallie has had more than her fair share of heartbreak. She’s grown up feeling unwanted and it broke my heart each time Jake withdrew from her because I knew how vulnerable she was underneath her tough outer shell. Both the physical and emotional journeys Kallie and Jake make in Master of the Abyss make the story compelling. Add in an element of danger brought by a serial killer that has targeted Kallie and Master of the Abyss becomes a book that is impossible to put down.

Even though it’s the third book in the Mountain Masters series, Master of the Abyss can be read as a standalone. Jake’s twin, Logan, and his fiancée Rebecca (of Master of the Mountain) do play strong supporting roles and Simon and Rona (of “Simon Says: Mine” in the Doms of Dark Haven anthology) have a cameo. Given how much I loved the first two Mountain Masters stories, it’s no surprise that I was thrilled to revisit these four characters, and I’m sure fans of Ms. Sinclair’s will as well.

Ms. Sinclair continues her track record of delivering scintillating, exciting, engaging romances and Master of the Abyss is no exception. A fantastic addition to the phenomenal Mountain Masters series, Master of the Abyss is not to be missed!