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The House of MonMarte: Willa's Master

Willa's Master (House of MonMarte, #1) - Violet Summers My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/willas-master-by-violet-summers

The House of MonMarte caters to the human and non-human alike and within its walls, its patrons are free to indulge in all kinds of BDSM play. Willa Amber is comfortable with the knowledge that she’s a sexual submissive, so it isn’t the goings on in the House of MonMarte that make her nervous. It’s vampire Victor Breon that has her on edge. The supernatural Dom is the stuff of fantasies, so there’s no way he could ever want a short, round sub like her…could he?

There’s a world of carnal pleasures to be explored at the House of MonMarte, and Violet Summers opens the doors in Willa’s Master. This lightning-fast erotic journey is sure to leave readers both supremely satisfied and begging for more. I adored everywoman Willa and connected with her immediately. As for Victor…I’m pretty sure I just shivered. I immediately understood why Willa fantasized about him and I flat-out adored him for the way he sees Willa. Their story was too erotic for words and I loved every page of Willa’s Master.

Willa’s Master is the first installment of the House of MonMarte series and without spoiling anything I can say that I am incredibly eager to learn more about this exciting new world the fantastic writing team that is Violet Summers has created. I devoured Willa’s Master and I can’t wait for the next adventure in the House of MonMarte!