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My name is Kimberly and I'm the reader/reviewer behind Wit and Sin. Wit and Sin is a website that provides honest reviews and publicity. I primarily read and review Romance titles, but I also review Urban Fantasy, New Adult, Young Adult, Mystery, and Non-Fiction titles. In addition to Wit and Sin, I am a reviewer for Joyfully Reviewed (pen name: Shayna) and Romance Junkies (pen name: Lily).

Chick with a Charm - Vicki Lewis Thompson My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/Mar10/chickwithacharm.vlt.html

Bartender Lily Revere is every bit as untamed a witch as her sister, Anica, is by-the-book. Normally this isn’t a problem, but with Anica’s engagement party fast approaching and Lily’s parents coming into town for the party, the wilder Revere sister has a plan to impress their parents.

Unfortunately for human Griffin Taylor, the man Lily has been lusting after, that plan includes him. Griffin is a divorce lawyer whose childhood and chosen vocation have warned him to go with his head, not his…gut...when it comes to love. Then when Lily slips an adoration elixir into his drink, all of Griffin’s inhibitions are stripped away when it comes to Lily. The two seem perfect together, but are Griffin’s feelings for Lily real, or just the result of some potent magic?

Love potions never go well for the creator or the object of their affections. Yet while things get a little crazy for Lily and Griffin, it’s pure fun for readers who are along for the ride. Lily is a lovable, free-spirited, and yes, charming heroine. Her bright spirit is infectious, endearing her to the reader even when she does some less-than-noble things (i.e.: pouring an adoration elixir into Griffin’s drink). Griffin, despite his reservations, is actually as perfect for Lily as she for him. He was an utterly delicious hero and things definitely got hot when he and Lily were together.

Chick with a Charm is the second delightful installment in Vicki Lewis Thompson’s Babes on Brooms series and it’s the perfect follow-up to Blonde with a Wand. Readers new to this series need not fear they’ll be missing anything if they read Chick with a Charm first. Each book fully stands on its own. I absolutely love this series and hope Ms. Thompson has another Babes on Brooms novel coming soon!