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Faery Surprising - Mia Watts My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/Feb10/faerysurprising.mw.html

As half-breed faeries, the Harper siblings all have “faerily imperfect” powers. For Flora Harper, hers becomes particularly embarrassing when she’s transported into the middle of the Gladiators’ locker room. And if it weren’t bad enough that she found herself and her vibrator in the middle the locker room for the pro football team she works for, Flora is caught by Ian Tate, the team’s new quarterback. The sexy footballer is the first man who tempts Flora to go against the team’s non-fraternization policy.

Ian Tate knows that after multiple injuries, his football career is nearing its end. But when he’s transferred to the Gladiators in order to catch a blackmailer, Ian is all-too-happy to take the opportunity. The only part he’s not too thrilled about is that he has to film the person in a sexually compromising position. Things get worse when Ian discovers that the Public Relations exec rumored to be the blackmailer is Flora Harper. Flora calls to Ian in ways he’s never before felt, but can their burgeoning relationship be saved when Flora discovers why Ian was brought on the team?

A very aggravating gift makes for the sexiest of opportunities in this wickedly hot story by Mia Watts. Faery Surprising is an entertaining installment to Ms. Watts’s erotic fractured fairytale series. Flora is quite often all work and no play, so I was eager for Ian to get her to loosen up. As for Ian, he may have been drafted to do some underhanded investigating, but he’s a good man at heart. These two complimented one another perfectly, which is what makes Faery Surprising so enjoyable.

While it’s the second book in the Faerily Imperfect series, Faery Surprising stands on its own. For those who enjoyed the first book, Mind F*cked, you do get to visit with Sage and Joe, which was a treat. And after meeting Flora’s other siblings, I am incredibly eager for their stories. By turns erotic, funny, and romantic, Faery Surprising was a delightful read.