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One Night Stand - Cassandra Gold Recommended Read

My review is cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/recommended-reviews/march-2011-recommended-reads/one-night-stand-by-cassandra-gold

After two years spent mourning his partner, Tom is finally ready to date again. Feeling somewhat out of place at a bar on his first night out, Tom is surprised when he’s picked up by the gorgeous, blond Ian. Things heat up quickly, but Tom’s not the type for a one night stand and too late he discovers that a one night stand is all Ian is willing to give him. Tom knows he should put Ian out of his mind after their one night together, but when their paths cross again, it seems like Ian is tempted to break his self-imposed rule. Is it possible their one night stand could actually be the start of something far more permanent?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Cassandra Gold’s stories, it’s that Ms. Gold excels at creating heroes you wish were real. Tom and Ian are no exception and that’s why One Night Stand shines. I immediately cared about both Tom and Ian and wanted nothing more than the two to find happiness with one another. Tom has loved and lost and I admired the way he was willing to open himself up to love again. Ian, on the other hand, has loved and been burned – more than once. He doesn’t want relationships because he’s protecting his heart; something that’s understandable, even if it’s clear to readers (and listeners) that he’s missing out on living life to its fullest. Ian makes a few mistakes, but not deliberately, and I found I adored him just as much for his flaws as his attractions. Speaking of attraction, the heat between Tom and Ian is red hot deliciousness. The pair sizzle and the sexiness of One Night Stand is every bit as appealing as Ian and Tom’s general likeability (not something to be underestimated).

One Night Stand is wonderfully entertaining from beginning to end. The only downside to my listening experience was the quality of the audio book. While I liked the narrator for the story, I can’t help but wish Total-E-Bound would edit the audio books so when the narrator makes a slip (which happened in One Night Stand) I’m not pulled out of the story by the narrator telling me he is going to start the section over again. Overall, this didn’t ruin my love for Tom and Ian’s story, but it did make me question whether I want to keep listening to the publisher’s audio books instead of reading the stories in e-book. Fortunately for me, I happen to have the Friction anthology so I can enjoy One Night Stand again in the future, without the awkward interruptions.

One Night Stand is an engaging story from start to finish and I find myself loving Tom and Ian more and more each time I read their story. Joyfully Recommended!