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Bad Company - K.A. Mitchell My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/bad-company-by-k-a-mitchell

Kellan and Nate were childhood best friends, practically inseparable until Nate told Kellan he was gay and Kellan humiliated Nate. On top of that, Kellan’s power-hungry father brought down Nate’s family. Fifteen years later, Kellan pops back into Nate’s life, with one hell of a request. Kellan’s father has grown sick of Kellan’s wild, playboy ways and has cut him off.

Kellan’s bent on revenge. His plan? He’ll publicly come out, even though he’s straight. And the man he’ll use as his “boyfriend” is Nate, which will definitely send his father over the edge. Convincing Nate to play along is only the beginning of Kellan’s problems. With Nate back in his life, Kellan’s starting to have feelings he thought long buried in the past. And something about their faux relationship feels like it could be all-too-real…

K. A. Mitchell delivers one heck of an amazing story in Bad Company. Ms. Mitchell has penned two heroes who, by rights, shouldn’t be likeable, and makes them loveable. At the beginning of Bad Company, Kellan seems like a slutty, irresponsible, man-child. Yet his growth over the course of the story is truly something to behold. He grapples with finding his place in the world, addressing his viewpoint on his own sexuality, and struggles with his feelings for Nate. I loved watching Kellan come into himself and his journey alone could have made Bad Company a fantastic read. Nate, too, has incredible character development. When you first meet him, he seems like he’s the more “together” one of the pair. Yet, for all Nate’s self-assurance, he’s got a lot to learn about himself. Kellan and Nate’s individual character arcs are complemented by their developing relationship. The two hit a lot of road bumps on the path to happily ever after, and most of those problems are created by one or both of them. But for all those obstacles, Bad Company flows beautifully, buoyed by Nate and Kellan’s personalities and the burning heat of sexual tension. It would be remiss of me not to mention the eroticism of Bad Company because Ms. Mitchell singes the pages with the passion that sparks between Kellan and Nate. Bad Company is oh-so-good – don’t miss this book!