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Riding the Line (Turner Brother series) - Pearce Kate My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/Feb09/ridingtheline.KP.html

On the way to film a commercial as a favor to his brother, rodeo cowboy Dakota Scott finds himself stuck in a small New Mexico town when his car breaks down. After learning he’s going to be stuck for a while, Dakota heads to a convenience store where he meets the most intriguing, troublesome woman he’s ever met.

Former child star Robyn Cooper’s life has gone from bad to worse, leaving the starlet broke and stranded. She doesn’t know what to make of Dakota, nor his offer to help her. And the more time Robyn and Dakota spend together, the more the sexual tension between them heats up. But the closer Robyn and Dakota get to California, the more the ghosts of the past begin to influence their newfound relationship. With the odds stacked against them, is love in the cards for a spotlight-shy rodeo star and a washed up actress?

Get ready to go on a sizzling-hot ride with Riding the Line. Kate Pearce has delivered a captivating erotic romance with an unlikely couple who will grab your heart and not let go.

I must admit, at first I wasn’t certain I’d like Robyn. When Riding the Line begins I worried she was a bit too brazen and cantankerous for me to be able to connect with her. Ms. Pearce definitely proved that first impressions can be deceiving. As the story went on and I learned more about Robyn, her past, the desperation of her situation, and all that she’s had to deal with, my initial wariness towards her faded and I ended up adoring her. She’s been through a hell not entirely of her own making and come out a survivor, and for that I admire her. Watching her character develop over the course of Riding the Line was one of the great joys of the book. As for Dakota, to me he was the perfect hero, without ever coming across as poster board perfect. He’s wickedly sexy, intelligent, charming, and incredibly patient. I loved how he tried to look out for those he cared about, how he reached out over and over again to Robyn. He was her perfect match and I loved watching them two feel their way through their relationship. Put simply, it was beautiful to watch them fall in love.

Riding the Line is the loosely connected to Roping the Wind and Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?, two other books of Ms. Pearce’s featuring Dakota’s half brothers, Jay and Grayson. What I love about each of these books is that they are so different, both in plot and in the type of people the heroes and heroines are, and yet each book blends perfectly with the other two. All three books can be read as stand alones, but in reading this book I was delighted to see Jay, Grayson, and Lauren once again. There were a few parts of Riding the Line that made me somewhat curious to hear more about (my admittedly favorite characters of Ms. Pearce’s) Jay and Helen (who was mentioned but never appeared). I live in hope that Ms. Pearce will be writing stories for the brothers’ other half-siblings because I cannot bear to leave these wonderful characters behind.

Riding the Line is a wonderful journey of romance, self-discovery, and passion that is engaging from start to finish. It’s smolderingly sensual, so be sure to keep a fan handy while reading. A sure-fire winner, Riding the Line is not to be missed!