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Notorious Pleasures - Elizabeth Hoyt My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/notorious-pleasures-by-elizabeth-hoyt

Lady Hero Batten, sister to the Duke of Wakefield, knows what her station in life requires of her. An advantageous marriage is one of the tasks set before her, and the arrangement her brother makes with the Marquis of Mandeville suits Hero just fine…until she meets the marquis’s reprobate brother. Griffin Remmington is everything Hero should not want. Yet, the scandalous rogue ignites a passion in Hero she’s never before experienced. The attraction is mutual, but there’s no way Hero can break an engagement with the eminently more suitable marquis for a second son whose business practices are less than savory. Or is there?

A “perfect” lady falling for a notorious lord may not be a new storyline, but Elizabeth Hoyt makes the archetypal pairing feel fresh and new in Notorious Pleasures. The repartee between Hero and Griffin was so much fun to read that I hated whenever I had to put Notorious Pleasures down. Hero and Griffin may seem unsuited to one another, but Ms. Hoyt has a way of making outwardly improbable couples work. The sparks that fly between the pair captured my attention from the first (and even reminded me somewhat of the movie Moonstruck), but it was the genuine emotion that grew between them that has stayed with me long after finishing Notorious Pleasures.

Notorious Pleasures is the second book in Ms. Hoyt’s Maiden Lane series, but for the most part, it can be read as a standalone (though it’d be a crime to miss the fabulous first book, Wicked Intentions). There is one plot thread that might seem disconnected from the rest of the book if you haven’t read Wicked Intentions, and that is the subplot regarding Silence Hollingbrook, who runs a foundling home in St. Giles. Still, even readers new to the series will no doubt be captivated by Silence’s storyline, and fans of the series are no doubt on tenterhooks waiting for Silence’s book, the upcoming Scandalous Desires.

Ms. Hoyt’s books are always a pleasure to read, and Notorious Pleasures is no exception. With romance, danger, intrigue, and sensuality to spare, Notorious Pleasures is a wonderfully entertaining story from beginning to end.