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Lessons From a Scarlet Lady - Emma Wildes Recommended Read

My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/RRs/May10RR/lessonsfromascarletlady.ew.html

From the moment Brianna first laid eyes on Colton Northfield, Duke of Rolthven, she was in love. Now married for three months to the wealthy, handsome duke, Brianna has everything she could want – save for her husband’s love and attention. When she spies a copy of Lady Rothburg’s Advice, a scandalous banned book of advice from a courtesan, she knows she has found the key to getting her heart’s desire.

Unexpectedly thrust into the ducal role at a young age, duty, formality, and order have become part and parcel of Colton’s character. So when his lovely young wife turns his world upside down, Colton is at a loss. He finds it hard to think of anything but Brianna, whom he has always found desirable but has now become an irresistible vixen that leads him to behave in the most improper manner. But though Colton finds himself entranced by his wife, he wonders how a woman like Brianna learned such tricks to her newfound sensual arsenal.

Will Brianna’s campaign to win her husband’s love meet with rousing success? Or will the tactics she learned in her lessons from a scarlet lady ultimately push Colton farther away?

Emma Wildes just keeps getting better and better! Lessons from a Scarlet Lady faces formidable competition, but has come out as my favorite book of Ms. Wildes’s yet. Passion, seduction, and most of all, love, are blended perfectly in this sensual, beautiful novel.

What captured me about Lessons from a Scarlet Lady was the innate likeability of every character. None of them were perfect, but from Brianna to Colton to their family and friends, each endeared themselves to me in their loyalty to those they loved and their determination not to accept the status quo, but to see their loved ones truly happy. Brianna in particular is a bright spirit. Her love for Colton shines through on the page and her confidence and willingness to risk scandal to make their marriage a better one won me over. As for Colton, he might be a bit stuffy at first, but it’s understandable given the duties he had to assume at a young age. Ms. Wildes made me melt when it came to seeing these two together. Their desire for one another burned up the pages of the book, but it’s the strength of their relationship that resonated with me.

Lessons from a Scarlet Lady actually features not just one romance, but two. Ms. Wildes drew me in immediately to the plight of Brianna’s best friend, Rebecca, and her love for Colton’s youngest brother, Robert. Their romance was just as vivid as Brianna and Colton’s, and though uniquely their own, wove in and out of Colton and Brianna’s story seamlessly. Neither Robert nor Rebecca are all that society perceives them to be. She is more than just a pretty heiress and he is more than a dazzling rogue. Their path to happily ever after has more than one obstacle to overcome and I was cheering them on all the way, eager to see them (with the help of the middle Northfield brother, Damien) find happiness as well.

I loved every single page of Lessons from a Scarlet Lady and the only disappointing thing was that it eventually had to come to an end. I desperately hope Ms. Wildes writes a story for Damien and, if she does, that the characters I so fell in love with in Lessons from a Scarlet Lady grace the page once more. I am thrilled to Joyfully Recommend Lessons from a Scarlet Lady. Ms. Wildes has a talent for penning exquisitely sensual historical romances and I cannot wait to see what she writes next!