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Getting Lucky - Susan Andersen Blue Ribbon Rating: 3 out of 5
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Lily Morrisette’s first thought upon meeting her roommate Glynnis’s brother? That he’s sexy as sin. Her second thought? That he’s a jerk. But as frustrating as she finds Zachariah Taylor, Lily’s not about to let the overprotective Marine ruin his baby sister’s trip to meet her fiancé’s parents. So when Zach jumps in the car, Lily goes along for the ride. Their road trip allows Lily to see beneath Zach’s rough exterior, but just as she starts to fall for him, they learn that Glynnis has been kidnapped. The ransom note is only the beginning of Lily and Zach’s troubles. Their budding romance might not have a chance to survive the hornet’s nest of secrets, lies and schemes they’ve just stepped into.

GETTING LUCKY is an entertaining story to curl up with on a rainy afternoon. This second book in author Susan Andersen’s MARINE series features some interesting characters and a fairly engaging puzzle for the protagonists to figure out. Lily is a girly-girl who gets more than she bargained for on this road trip with Zach. While she does a few things over the book which leave me scratching my head, overall Lily’s a likeable heroine. Zach isn’t quite as charming — to be honest, he was flat-out unlikeable for the first half of the book — but Ms. Andersen had me warming up to this sexy Marine by the time GETTING LUCKY ended.

Zach and Lily have good chemistry, but I’m not sure I was as invested in their romance as I wanted to be. A hero and heroine who frequently lock horns just aren’t my cup of tea, so that may be where my lack of enthusiasm stems from. The character that really hooked me into GETTING LUCKY was Jessica, the cousin of Glynnis’s fiancé. Jessica is a wallflower who — with help from Lily — comes into her own and watching her growth and her relationship with her husband were the high points of GETTING LUCKY. I could have read a whole book about Jessica; she was just that endearing.

A dash of suspense comes not from the kidnapping plot but from another storyline involving a Colombian with a grudge against Zach. This thread of the story was actually the weakest link of GETTING LUCKY and I felt like the book would have been stronger without that plotline. All the same, I enjoyed GETTING LUCKY and I’m interested in reading Ms. Andersen’s other MARINE books.

Note: My review was written for Romance Junkies and is cross-posted here courtesy of Romance Junkies.