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With This Kiss: Part One - Eloisa James Recommended Read - My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/recommended-reviews/march-2013-recommended-reads/with-this-kiss-part-one-by-eloisa-james

As a girl, Lady Grace Ryburn fell in love with Colin Barry. Since their families have always been extremely close, Grace was able to write Colin once he joined the Royal Navy. The connection forged by her letters only served to make her fall more deeply in love with him. Now that she’s out in society (however much a wallflower), Grace hopes that Colin will notice her when he comes to London on leave. But will her dreams of romance be dashed when it’s not Grace, but her beautiful sister who catches Colin’s eye?

With This Kiss: Part One is heartbreakingly beautiful. In this first installment of Colin and Grace’s love story, author Eloisa James brought tears to my eyes even as she captivated me with this gorgeously woven tale.

Grace is the biggest reason I fell in love with With This Kiss: Part One. She's smart, kind, relatable, and she endeared herself to me immediately. What broke my heart is that Grace — an ordinary-looking wallflower — is almost always overshadowed by her vibrant, stunning younger sister, Lily. Everyone falls in love with Lily…including Colin. To her credit, Ms. James doesn’t make Lily a vain or unlikeable character. It’s actually easy to see why Colin, haunted by the battles he has to face at sea, is drawn to someone as convivial as Lily. In With This Kiss: Part One, it’s Colin himself who is the biggest obstacle when it comes to his and Grace’s romance. While Colin is everything that’s appealing in a hero, he’s too blind to see that he’s in love with Grace until it’s almost too late. Yet even though I shook my head at him for his overlooking Grace, Ms. James made me understand Colin and why he makes the mistakes he does.

Ms. James packs a lot of action into With This Kiss: Part One. I can guarantee that you’ll want to make enough time to read the story in one sitting, because it’s impossible to put it down. While With This Kiss: Part One can easily be read as a standalone, fans of Ms. James’s work are in for a treat. Grace is the eldest daughter of James and Theodora of The Ugly Duchess, and Colin is the eldest adopted son of Griffin and Phoebe of Seduced by a Pirate. The Ryburn and Barry families are as close as ever in With This Kiss: Part One, so if you enjoyed The Ugly Duchess and Seduced by a Pirate you’ll surely be delighted to revisit some of your favorite characters.

With This Kiss: Part One is a fantastic story that I loved from beginning to end. I Joyfully Recommend it! Just be warned, the cliffhanger ending will have you on the edge of your seat for parts two and three of With This Kiss.