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My name is Kimberly and I'm the reader/reviewer behind Wit and Sin. Wit and Sin is a website that provides honest reviews and publicity. I primarily read and review Romance titles, but I also review Urban Fantasy, New Adult, Young Adult, Mystery, and Non-Fiction titles. In addition to Wit and Sin, I am a reviewer for Joyfully Reviewed (pen name: Shayna) and Romance Junkies (pen name: Lily).

The Devil's Heart - Cathy Maxwell My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/the-devils-heart-by-cathy-maxwell

In the seventeenth century, a Macnachtan witch cursed the Chattan family. When a Chattan male falls in love, he dies. Now all that’s left of the Chattan line are siblings Neal, Harry, and Margaret. Unlike her brothers, Margaret is determined not to fall in love. But fate has other plans for Margaret and in the midst of her quest to break the curse and save her brothers’ lives, Margaret is thrown into the path of Heath Macnachtan.

Heath doesn’t believe in Margaret’s talk of curses, but with not only his livelihood but those of his clansmen at risk, he agrees to help Margaret on her quest. The longer he and Margaret are together, the closer they become. And there’s something supernatural out there that doesn’t like it. It’s not long before Heath becomes a believer. The question is, can he and Margaret break the curse, or will their love cause the curse to end both their lines?

Cathy Maxwell brings her Chattan Curse series to a satisfying conclusion in The Devil’s Heart. Heath and Margaret’s book is my favorite of the trilogy. The Devil’s Heart has curses, betrayal, excitement, and romance in abundance. I adored Margaret and Heath together and was rooting for them to break the curse so that not only they, but Neal, Thea, Harry, and Portia could find happiness.

I recommend reading the first two Chattan Curse books, Lyon’s Bride and The Scottish Witch, before starting The Devil’s Heart. The curse is inextricably tied to the romances and the clues from one book lead to the next, so the series is much more enjoyable when read in order. There’s so much buildup to the resolution of the curse that I was concerned that the climax of that plotline wouldn’t be as exciting as I’d hoped. I needn’t have worried; Ms. Maxwell makes the payoff worth it. I was left with a few questions about what happened to the spirits at work in The Devil’s Heart, but overall I finished the book a well-satisfied reader. Now that I have all three books, I’m looking forward to revisiting the trilogy as a whole.