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Devlin and Garrick - Cameron Dane Recommended Read - My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/recommended-reviews/july-2010-recommended-reads/devlin-and-garrick-by-cameron-dane

Five years ago, fate drew Devlin Morgan and Gradyn Connell to a bar in San Francisco that suited neither of them. Sparks proverbially flew between the beautiful, sweet Devlin and the muscle-bound, bald, tattooed Gradyn and both their plans for a hot and sweaty one night stand fly out the window. One weekend between them isn’t enough, but it’s all that they can ever have.

Devlin has never forgotten Gradyn, but when walks into his sister’s workplace one day he’s greeted with the shock of his life: Gradyn Connell. For some reason, Gradyn has moved to Devlin’s hometown of Redemption, but nothing is right about the man Devlin once knew. The man calls himself Garrick Langley and he has no tattoos, he’s less muscular, his eyes are a different color, and, worst of all, he claims not to know Devlin. Devlin doesn’t buy what Garrick’s trying to sell. He knows this man and, no matter what name Gradyn/Garrick goes by, Devlin knows it’s past time he claims the man for his own.

I suppose I should start with a confession: the first Seeking Redemption book, Aidan & Ethan, is one of my top five favorite books, so the year and a half wait for Devlin & Garrick was almost interminable. With such high expectations going in, I worried that I’d be disappointed…

Silly me. I’d forgotten one important thing: that Cameron Dane is one of the most talented, vivid writers of romance. Cameron Dane seized my attention from the very first line of Devlin & Garrick and didn’t let go. I devoured the story in one day, going to far as to load Devlin & Garrick onto my e-reader and take it with me while I ran errands, sneaking in reading time while in line and even at stoplights (admittedly not the safest thing to do, so should you find this book as compelling as I did, please do not do the same).

Devlin & Garrick contrasts the past and the present for its heroes, going back and forth between Devlin and Gradyn’s memories of their first weekend together and their life now, in Redemption. I loved experiencing their weekend in San Francisco. It wasn’t just the explosive sexual heat and swift fall into love that was important, it was how that weekend had a role in changing Devlin and Garrick into the men they are in the present. Who both men are and how they grow and change over the course of the story is part of what makes them such three dimensional characters. Cameron Dane made me not only like Garrick and Devlin, I cared about them. Both men have such distinct, interesting voices that they felt real. And not only did they come to life, they wrapped themselves around my heart; both of them are such good people down to their cores that I absolutely could not resist them.

Devlin & Garrick is the second book in the Seeking Redemption series, but it can be read as a standalone, if you don’t mind reading a few spoilers from Aidan & Ethan. I loved revisiting some of my favorite characters from Aidan & Ethan (though those heroes were slightly absent). The only downside to Devlin & Garrick is that Cameron Dane made me want Maddie (Devlin and Aidan’s sister) and Wyn’s (Ethan’s brother) story now! The tension rising in these two is palatable and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for them.

Devlin & Garrick is eroticism, warmth, hope, and romance all wrapped up into one perfect package. I loved this book and continue to be amazed at how Cameron Dane’s books consistently capture my heart. I Joyfully Recommend Devlin & Garrick and I eagerly await the next Seeking Redemption book!