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All or Nothing

All or Nothing - Dee Tenorio My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/all-or-nothing-by-dee-tenorio

When Lucas Lonnigan agrees to swap dates with his twin, he thinks he’s gotten the better part of the deal. Until he discovers who his new date is: Belinda Riggs, the hostile metal artist who loves nothing more to than to piss him off…and who also happens to be the love of his life. He and Belle have been circling each other for years and everything culminates into a blazing night of passion. Lucas swears he’s done with Belle, but he finds he can’t get her out of his heart. Yet how can he possibly get through to Belle, whose past makes her associate being in love with allowing oneself to be abused? Lucas comes up with the one thing Belle can’t resist – a dare. Because this Lonnigan is it in to win his soul mate and he won’t settle for less than all of her.

Dee Tenorio manages the impossible in All or Nothing. She takes two patently disagreeable characters and makes them utterly endearing, even in their grouchiness. Lucas and Belinda are never going to win any charm awards, but Ms. Tenorio makes them understandable, relatable, and engaging, which is better than sweetness any day. Lucas and Belinda are clearly made for each other, but in their effort to do what they think is best for the person they love, they push each other away. My heart ached for them and, though I sometimes I wanted to shake Belinda for striking out at Lucas, her actions were realistic. Yet while it’s a hard road to happily ever after for Lucas and Belinda to travel, All or Nothing definitely isn’t all sturm und drang. When Lucas and Belinda actually make things work between them, it’s absolutely beautiful to read. Not to mention, the passion between Lucas and Belinda is volcanic in nature and it’s fantastic to watch the explosion. All and all, I found All or Nothing to be a wonderful rollercoaster of emotions and I plan on going for another ride again soon!