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Ninja Cupcakes - T.A. Chase My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/ninja-cupcakes-by-t-a-chase

Ethan Gallagher is thrilled to be attending the sci-fi convention his brother is putting on, and his excitement has nothing to do with the twenty dozen cupcakes he’s making for the event. Rather, Ethan’s looking forward to finally taking the next step in his burgeoning relationship with astrophysicist and convention panelist Callum MacLaughlin. And it’s not just his own love life Ethan’s going to fix this weekend. Ethan’s got a few special cupcakes that will make his brother and best friend’s dreams come true.

One part cupcakes, one part sci-fi conventions, and two parts sexy heroes are a recipe for a delicious story. Ninja Cupcakes is a fast and fun romance that’s as sweet as the cupcakes Ethan bakes. The chemistry between Ethan and Callum is palpable, making it easy to root for these two to get their happily ever after. What I found most engaging about Ninja Cupcakes was the way T.A. Chase handled Callum’s blindness. There were little things Ethan and Callum did all throughout the story which added realism to this aspect of Callum.

While I did thoroughly enjoy Ninja Cupcakes, I do wish the story had been a bit longer. I didn’t feel I got to know Callum as well as I would have liked. I also had questions about the mystical element at work with Ethan’s cupcakes. With a bit of expansion, Ninja Cupcakes could be a phenomenal story. As it stands, I thought it was quite charming and I look forward to re-reading it.